Monetize Prepaid Mobile Data With Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging Solution

Solution Brief Overview

Prepaid mobile data services provide immense growth potential for mobile network operators. In an ever-evolving mobile landscape, prepaid plans are attractive to a range of customers, from students and senior citizens to frequent travelers. With the right approach to monetization, they can leverage this opportunity to drive up revenue, ARPU, and market share while driving CX. This is what Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging solution enables.

This document elaborates on what makes Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging solution one of the most advanced and sophisticated solutions in the market, and how its components facilitate operators in creating a successful prepaid mobile data business model.

Key Takeaways

Gain insights into the prepaid data market
Prepaid mobile subscribers are increasingly consuming more mobile data services, a trend facilitated even more by the affordability and accessibility of smartphones and high-speed mobile broadband networks.

Learn more about potential customer bases
Millennials are a driving force behind the prepaid mobile data market today. As digital natives, their consumption habits are data-heavy and they spend more time on video and music streaming apps, social networks, and more.

Understand how Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging solution helps attract customers
Prepaid mobile data services are increasingly attractive to diverse sets of customers with different consumption and usage habits. Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging solution lets operators cater to every customer segment and preference, including subscribers who are value-conscious, want freedom and flexibility, those who churn more easily, and much more.

Learn about the features of Alepo’s solution and the benefits it affords to operators
The complete carrier-grade solution enables operators to readily introduce or evolve their prepaid mobile data business. It includes Alepo’s advanced policy and charging control ecosystem, rapid service creation environment, sophisticated subscriber tools, and an award-winning mobile app purchase experience. Together, these components help deliver end-to-end functionality and rich customer experiences.

Know what use cases the solution enables
Alepo’s Prepaid Data Charging solution is designed to give operators a competitive edge, creating and launching new offers in minutes. It includes a pre-built library of constantly evolving use cases, such as app-specific data passes, local SIM + data for travelers, location-based offers, and more.

Prepaid Data Charging solution
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