m:tel launches mobile offload and public WiFi using Alepo’s carrier-grade WiFi solution

Case Study Overview

Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leading telecommunications provider, m:tel wanted to bolster its 3G and LTE networks by implementing a host of new WiFi services, including offload as well as WiFi plans. Alepo helped introduce advanced offload and monetization capabilities to help the operator drive CX and revenue.

This case study details how m:tel introduced free public WiFi and cellular offload using Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution. Learn how the deployment enabled a host of benefits, with faster service creation and advanced monetization capabilities increasing the operator’s WiFi revenue, and reduced load on their cellular network substantially lowering operational costs.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project
The operator wanted to improve network capacity and coverage by seamlessly offloading network traffic to WiFi. It also wanted to help enable superior connectivity for its customers in public places by introducing innovative new services.

Understand m:tel’s requirements for the project
The operator wanted Alepo to provide a solution to revolutionize the data experience. Their requirements included reducing network congestion, enabling seamless and automated authentication while offloading subscribers to the WiFi network, a platform to monetize the network with innovative offers and promotions, deploying WiFi hotspot infrastructure, and more.

Learn more about Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution and its architecture
Alepo provided a solution that included a convergent and scalable AAA to ensure seamless connectivity. Alepo’s robust WiFi Service Monetization Platform (SMP), which includes captive portals, enabled efficient management of services, and extends the same capabilities to affiliates.

Discover the highlights of the solution
The solution enabled m:tel to introduce a range of prepaid offers, efficiently monetizing the network. It also ensured smooth and seamless offload of subscribers to the WiFi network. It also afforded a host of other benefits, such as consistent data experience, free and paid WiFi journeys, and much more.

Know more about the business use cases it supports
The operator could introduce automated WiFi bill adjustment for prepaid subscribers, social media login for free internet access, and more.

Gain insights into the project outcomes and business for the operator
The project helped boost customer experience, reduce network load, increased WiFi consumption, and more.

carrier-grade WiFi solution
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