The Evolution of AAA Infrastructure For NFVi Compliance

White Paper Overview

Network function virtualization (NFV) has meant that software functions like AAA are no longer constrained by the limitations of physical hardware. Virtualized AAA (vAAA) can scale dynamically to meet the needs of growing networks. Its core functions remain the same, but the architecture and capabilities of AAA have evolved considerably with the emergence of NFV to optimize resource utilization and ensure smooth operations even when network traffic load increases.

How is the AAA deployed in a virtualized environment and how does it interact with the infrastructure to orchestrate the virtualized nodes? Download the whitepaper to read more about vAAA deployment, its challenges, solutions, benefits, and more.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of AAA in modern networks
Understand how network virtualization and private cloud deployments impact core network functions such as AAA.

Learn how AAA can be deployed in an NFVi environment
Deploying AAA in a virtualized environment enables them to swiftly implement more advanced business processes and launch granular and differentiated services. Virtualized AAA (vAAA) such as Alepo’s are built on a 3GPP-compliant open architecture, supporting flexibility, scalability, and automation.

Understand the common challenges faced by operators while deploying vAAA and how to overcome them
NFV poses some challenges to AAA implementation. However, through vast real-life deployment experience, our experts have insights on how these issues can be tackled. For instance, the impact of session cache synchronization can be countered by implementing a stateless AAA, having an in-built load balancer simplifies load-balancing, and more.

Know more about the benefits of NFV
From lowering CAPEX and OPEX to preventing vendor lock-in and increasing the scope for innovation, NFV provides a host of benefits for service providers.

Discover the benefits of Alepo vAAA
Alepo’s 5G-compliant vAAA provides a highly flexible NFVi approach, enhances scalability to support changing traffic load, provides centralized configuration management, and much more.

Read an Alepo success story
Alepo successfully deployed vAAA for a leading MNO, ensuring a seamless migration to the next-gen platform, lowering costs, improving network performance, and much more.

vAAA whitepaper
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