NTA evolves from 2G to 4G with Alepo’s 4G LTE solution, boosts revenue and ARPU by 50%

Success Story Overview

National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is a private corporation with significant ownership by the government of the Marshall Islands, where it is the leading telecommunications provider. The operator wanted to expand its mobile offerings beyond basic voice and SMS to include mobile data. This meant upgrading its legacy 2G GSM network to 4G LTE with WiFi. As part of this network transformation, NTA also wanted to modernize its customer experience (CX) by introducing a range of modern and advanced plans for consumer and enterprise customers. NTA sought the services of mobile network solutions specialist Blue Arcus, which partnered with Alepo to deliver a modern and advanced solution.

This case study details how National Telecommunications Authority, Marshall Islands transformed its legacy mobile infrastructure using Alepo’s 4G LTE solution and solution integration partner Blue Arcus’s network expertise. Within just two months of deployment, the operator experienced staggering improvements.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background NTA wanted to expand the scope of its offerings to build a modern and advanced network experience for its customers. It wanted to become one of the first operators in the region to provide mobile self-care. Know more about the operator’s requirements to help expand its portfolio of offerings The operator wanted to modernize its siloed services to implement a consolidated platform that could share balances and support advanced business models. It wanted to implement a greater digital experience, improve customer interactions, and more. Get an overview of Blue Arcus and Alepo’s 4G LTE solution Blue Arcus’s network expertise and Alepo’s vast experience in LTE implementation helped NTA evolve its legacy mobile infrastructure to deploy LTE and become WiFi-ready. Alepo’s solution included Digital BSS, Online Charging System (OCS), CRM, web and mobile self-care, trouble ticketing, high-performing AAA, PCRF, and more. See what use cases the solution supports The solution enabled NTA to implement a host of advanced voice and data use cases, including prepaid and postpaid plans, credit transfer, data bundles, and much more. Gain insights into the capabilities and benefits afforded by the solution Alepo’s 4G LTE solution helped Blue Arcus meet NTA’s goal of implementing an always-connected network with a fast and reliable data experience. It helped digitize CX, enable secure e-recharge, increase customer self-reliance, and more. Know more about the project outcomes and successes NTA was able to evolve its legacy mobile infrastructure from 2G to 4G LTE with zero downtime. The operator increased revenue by 50% within just two months of deployment. The project also reduced OPEX, improved network coverage, and more.
4G LTE Solution
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