Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care for Telcos

Product Brief Overview

Customer experience (CX) helps telcos differentiate themselves and stand out in the busy telecommunications market. As customers become more digitally savvy and reliant on digital services, their expectations from their service provider are also evolving. They now expect more control over their accounts and access to 24x7x365 support using the platforms of their choice. Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care helps service providers enable effortless, interactive, personalized, and digitized CX. It improves revenue by introducing automations and AI chatbots, reducing the load on call centers, lowering sales and marketing spending, and accelerating inbound leads.

This product brief details how Alepo’s holistic Omnichannel Self-Care platform enables telcos to create multiple always-on support and engagement channels for customers. This self-service platform includes chatbots for popular social platforms like WhatsApp, Alexa, Skype, and many others, as well as web self-care, mobile app, and conventional channels, empowering customers to self-manage in their preferred channel and language.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care
The platform helps telcos respond to the growing relevance of omnichannel support and self-service platforms in today’s digitally driven market landscape.

Discover its business benefits
Integrating the platform in the omnichannel CX strategy helps service providers improve subscriber engagement, simplify purchases, ensure smoother bill payments, and much more.

Learn how it enables a highly personalized digital experience
Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care lets customers manage their accounts and purchases using the language and platform they find most convenient. Telcos can leverage advanced BI insights to create personalized offers.

Get to know the automated self-service operations it delivers
The platform includes a host of features that reduce dependence on human agents. It automates operations to empower customers to complete digital self-onboarding, make secure and easy online purchases, access automated always-on support to resolve their issues, and more.

Understand how it helps with brand differentiation
Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care supports a host of conventional and digital platforms. It includes a responsive UI, and provides multilingual support, delivering a modern, differentiated, personalized CX.

Omnichannel Self-Care for Telcos
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