On the Radar: Alepo PCRF

Analyst Brief Overview

The telecommunications landscape has swiftly evolved since the data explosion that resulted from growing penetration of high-speed broadband, smart devices, and data-hungry customer lifestyles. Telcos constantly need to innovate to generate revenue while managing the growing influx of data traffic.

Published by leading telecom analyst firm Ovum, this report puts the spotlight on Alepo’s highly scalable, easily integrated, and user-friendly PCRF.

Key Takeaways

Know what sets Alepo’s PCRF apart from competitor products
Alepo’s solution combines data analytics with its policy charging and rules function (PCRF) to provide operators a simple way to manage services, rating, and policy rules from a single converged platform.

Gain insights into what makes the PCRF a comprehensive yet easy-to-use solution
Alepo’s PCRF solution helps service providers manage their data networks, partner with third-party services, and generate new revenue streams by introducing new services while enhancing CX. It provides a prebuilt policy asset library and user-friendly GUI that’s easy to use even for non-technical users.

Learn more about the solution’s features and benefits
The PCRF alignd with the needs of telecom operators. It is cloud-enabled and scalable, readily integrates with legacy mobile charging and CRM systems, helps support new data-driven use cases, and more.

Understand the advantages of partnering with Alepo
Alepo has a strong track record in providing real-time policy and charging control and service enablement. The platform helps telcos monetize their existing LTE investments. The NFV-ready solution easily integrates with third-party applications.

On The Radar
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