GETESA accelerates performance of its ADSL network using Alepo’s AAA and BSS Transformation

Case Study Overview

GETESA, one of Equatorial Guinea’s largest fixed and mobile service providers, wanted to modernize its ADSL network. The operator wanted to accelerate network performance and boost customer experience. Given their long-standing partnership, GETESA decided to implement an advanced network management solution from Alepo.

This case study explains how Alepo’s BSS and AAA Transformation enabled GETESA, a leading Equatorial Guinea operator, to make significant enhancements to its ADSL network. The solution significantly improved customer experience and QoS. An automatic conflict resolution feature resulted in the lowest resolution time in the system’s lifespan.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
GETESA wanted to improve the quality of service for its subscribers. The operator needed to resolve its ongoing issues of interrupted sessions, for which it needed to optimize network traffic and improve network strength.

Get an overview of the operator’s requirements
To evolve its core network, GETESA needed a powerful network management solution to improve Customer Experience Management (CEM), reduce OPEX, automate conflict resolution, resolve issues with multi-homing or IP duplication conflicts, and more.

Know what components were included in Alepo’s solution
Alepo delivered a solution to enable faster and more proactive network troubleshooting, advanced monitoring tools, and predictive analysis. It included OSS/BSS, AAA, policy control, a host of professional services, and more.

Learn about the key capabilities of Alepo’s system
Alepo’s solution enables advanced monitoring, predictive analysis and automatic conflict resolution, traffic optimization, remote device management, fraud management, swift service restoration, and more.

Discover the business benefits the operator enjoyed after deployment
Alepo enabled high network performance and uninterrupted sessions, enhanced security, helped the operator achieve its lowest resolution time ever, improved CX, reduced churn rate by 27% in three months, and much more.

BSS AAA Transformation
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