Longstanding Alepo clients Orange-GETESA and Planet Online recently upgraded to Alepo Service Enabler v7.2 to support their expanding data services, including WiMAX, Wi-Fi Hotspots, ADSL and Dial Up. April 26, 2011, Austin, TX – Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the decisions of longstanding clients Orange-GETESA and Planet Online to upgrade to Alepo Service Enabler 7.2 and deploy additional Alepo solutions in order to support their growing businesses. The wins underscore the lasting partnerships between Alepo and these leading service providers.

Planet Online

After having deployed Alepo’s solutions for wireline data services over three years ago, Laos service provider Planet Online has again selected Alepo to provide a complete back office solution for its burgeoning WiMAX network, including Alepo’s convergent charging & billing platform and high-performing 16e AAA Server. The comprehensive solution will enable Planet Online to design flexible business plans and support multiple access technologies on a single platform. “Alepo’s solutions have been instrumental to the evolution of our broadband networks and business requirements,” stated Dr. Robert Winch, Planet Online Chairman. “Alepo’s position as an innovative market leader continually reassures us of our investment.” In addition to upgrading to Service Enabler 7.2, Alepo will implement policy management tools for WiMAX, including Alepo’s 16e AAA Server, hotlining features and IP Address Management. The BSS platform will also include a voucher management system, subscriber portals and trouble ticketing.


A subsidiary of France Telecom, Getesa is Equatorial Guinea’s leading service provider, offering mobile and internet services. Getesa recently sought out Alepo to upgrade to Service Enabler 7.2 to provide support for prepaid and postpaid DSL services, Wi-Fi and Dial-Up. Alepo will also integrate with existing legacy systems and provide voucher management and Wi-Fi hotspot management systems In partnering with Alepo, both operators are assured of proven and scalable solutions that will enable them to respond quickly to changing market trends and expand their businesses without costly or risky replacements. Both operators will receive dedicated on-site training & support during the deployment, and continual 24/7 off-site support thereafter. “At Alepo, we take great pride in fostering enduring relationships with clients like Orange-GETESA and Planet Online, not only by offering the latest, innovative technologies that enable operators to evolve quickly, but also by providing continual support and direct communication before, during and after the deployment of our solutions,” stated Brandon Johnson, Alepo Director of Operations.

About Planet Online

Planet Online Laos has been providing IT services in Lao PDR since 1996, today offering ADSL, Wi-Fi Hotspot services and WiMAX broadband services. The entrepreneurial characteristics of the founder members and its subsequent Directors have steered the company to become a serious player in the Laos IP services market. PLANET prides itself in maintaining a reputation of technical excellence, combined with high reliability and fast, easy Internet access.

About Getesa, Orange Equatorial Guinea

Getesa, Equatorial Guinea’s incumbent operator, is 40%-owned by France Telecom and 60%-owned by the State. It is active on the mobile and Internet markets. At the end of 2009, GETESA’s mobile market had 334,000 active customers, up by more than 20% compared with 2008. Orange-GETESA has a direct distribution network of 815 retailers. New offers are set to be launched in 2011, with the introduction of GPRS and the development of SMS-related services.

About Alepo

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