Leading analyst firm, Ovum acclaims the Alepo PCRF as a comprehensive and easy-to-use PCRF solution offering telcos simple ways to manage services, rating and policy rules under a single platform.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo (www.alepo.com), a global provider of core network and IT software solutions for communications service providers, announced today that Ovum, a leading analyst firm, has recognized Alepo as a well-positioned PCRF vendor in the latest Ovum “On the Radar” report.

Written by Chantel Cary, Ovum Telecom Operations and IT Analyst, the report recommends the Alepo PCRF as a solution well-aligned with the needs of telcos, enabling them to generate new revenue streams while optimizing network traffic and managing their relationships with OTT players.

“An increased demand on telco networks and competition from alternative services has placed an enormous amount of pressure on telcos, which must find new ways to generate new revenue streams while optimizing network traffic and managing their relationship with OTT players,” Cary writes in the report, adding, “Alepo’s PCRF solution integrates network and customer analytics into an easy to use platform that enables telcos to manage their data networks, partner with third-party services, and generate new revenue streams while enhancing the overall customer experience.”

Alepo recently released a major update to its policy and charging control solution to make it easier for non-technical users to easily bring new policy-driven data offers and products to market quickly.

“In the telco network environment, the role of the PCRF has quickly evolved from being a traffic manager to today enabling a wealth of contextual and real-time data services that drive network monetization,” said Danielle Elaine Smith, Marketing Director at Alepo. “As Alepo continues to innovate policy and charging control solutions that are business and revenue-oriented, it is encouraging to receive recognition from well-respected industry thought leaders like Ovum.”

Alepo’s PCRF is NFV-ready, scalable and can be readily integrated with legacy mobile charging and CRM systems, removing the need to replace or upgrade the legacy network support new data-driven use cases.

On the Radar is a series of research notes about vendors bringing innovative ideas, products, or business models to their markets. Although On the Radar vendors may not be ready for prime time, they bear watching for their potential impact on markets and could be suitable for certain enterprise and public sector IT organizations. www.ovum.com

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