Network Exposure Function (NEF)

Network Exposure Function

Alepo Network Exposure Function (5G NEF) is a cloud-native 3GPP standards-compliant network function that facilitates secure exposure of network services and capabilities of the 5G network to third-party applications using REST-based APIs. It enables developers and enterprises to customize services and drive service transformation through a broader ecosystem.

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What is Network Exposure Function (NEF)?

The Network Exposure Function (NEF) lets operators enable partners and enterprise customers to easily innovate, customize, and enrich data and network services. Operators can define policies to ensure that the stakeholders gain secure and controlled role-based access to different network resources and data.

How does NEF work?

The NEF provides an integration layer that connects enterprises and third-party developer applications to the operator’s network, enabling them to create on-demand services. It employs a cloud-native microservice-based architecture and implements open RESTful APIs. It supports service developer kits (SDKs) and provides service exposure capabilities in keeping with developer workflows and practices.

Network Function: 5G NEF


Realize 5G Potential

Alepo has partnered with leading technology innovators to provide a highly flexible and future-proof Network Exposure Function that:

  • Employs Service-Based Architecture (SBA): enables external applications to communicate with the 5G Core via APIs, helping consume and expose services and capabilities provided by the 5GC for internal or external third parties.
  • Implements cloud-native and microservice-based architecture: provides more control and supports future growth.
  • Enables multiple deployment options: can be deployed in public, private, and hybrid cloud, and supports PaaS-agnostic deployment with advanced application capabilities.
  • Prevents vendor lock-in: the vendor-agnostic system supports multiple partners, and can be deployed in tandem with Alepo’s solutions as well as third-party systems.

Accelerate Service Innovation

Alepo’s 5G Enabled Network Exposure Function provides a simple, secure, and streamlined means to control network access for external applications, enabling developers and enterprises to swiftly create, launch, and manage new services. Its modern and advanced underlying architecture helps to:

  • Leverage Software Developer Kits (SDKs): supports a developer environment with service exposure capabilities in sync with developer workflows and practices. Operators can extend advanced capabilities to activate multiple libraries, functions, and containers with just a few additional clicks through a wide range of plugins, simplifying service introduction.
  • Ensure scalability: employs secured, open, RESTful APIs that ensure simplified exposure for network events and functionalities.
  • Support partnerships: provides secure access for partners to launch and manage advanced innovations.
5G Core Network Exposure

Monetize Next-Gen Services

Network exposure enables modern next-gen applications, making the NEF indispensable for operators to launch and monetize 5G. Some of the use cases it supports:

  • Vehicle-to-everything (V2X)
  • Smart buildings
  • AR/VR
  • Industry 4.0
  • Smart farms
  • Internet of Things
  • Connected drones
  • Remote health

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