AAA Server

Carrier-Grade AAA Server

Optimize your network performance with Alepo’s Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) server – an industry-leading solution built for wireline, WiFi, and 3GPP mobile networks alike.
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What is AAA Server?

Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Server is an intelligent and essential service and policy control framework in WiFi, FTTx, 5G, and other IP-based broadband networks. The AAA framework facilitates access controls on networks, authenticates valid subscribers to use services, and monitors, audits, and accounts actions performed by subscribers.

What are the uses of the AAA Server?

A robust AAA framework optimizes the utilization of resources, facilitates high availability, and ensures scalability and a high QoS to meet dynamically changing network traffic demands. An advanced AAA server helps streamline operations and supports next-gen use cases like slice authentication, authentication and authorization for DNN provisioning, and authenticating access from non-3GPP networks.

5G and NFVi Compliant 3GPP AAA Server

AAA Framework

Seamless Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA)

Alepo’s 3GPP AAA server handles signaling noise caused by authentication failures, non-human traffic, and malicious activities, achieving the highest signaling speeds, improved capacity, and five-nines availability. Its self-healing capabilities hasten recovery from network failures and outages. The emergency mode keeps services online even without database connectivity.

Centralized configuration management swiftly updates all changes across AAA nodes, improving operational efficiency and reducing errors. Alepo’s integration framework uses API gateways for smooth AAA transformation without impacting existing IT systems.

Download Whitepaper: AAA Transformation

Connect All Networks - Fixed, Mobile and WiFi

Alepo’s dual-stack RADIUS and Diameter 3GPP AAA helps streamline operations, reduce total cost of ownership (TCO), and deliver convergent services using a single AAA portal for fixed (xDSL, FTTx, cable), wireless (WiFi, WiMAX), and mobile (3G, LTE, EVDO, HSPA, 5G) networks.

Implement WiFi calling (SWm, S6b, STa), WiFi offload (SWx, SWa, EAP-SIM, EAP-AKA, EAP-AKA’), M2M, real-time charging (DCCA, Ro), and other emerging mobile use cases and Alepo’s carrier-grade WiFi hotspot business model enables full monetization.

Download Flyer: WiFi Offload and Monetization

Convergent AAA
AAA Protocols

Real-Time Policy Control With Enhanced Charging Abilities

Launch prepaid plans with zero revenue leakage, deliver bandwidth-on-demand/turbo boost, and communicate instantly with customers using real-time policy control. Real-time quota management accounting enables online charging abilities based on time, volume, and events.

Instant mid-session policy changes let you enable new plans and services without requiring subscribers to disconnect or reset their connections. The 3GPP AAA server also facilitates dynamic redirection of hotline customers based on packet requirements.

Download Product Brief: Alepo AAA Server

Advanced Analytics, Best of Breeds, 5G-Ready, Cloud-Native AAA

Alepo’s stateless and advanced telecom AAA server offers unmatched capabilities:
  • Is deployed at leading global CSPs: Saudi Telecom, Digicel, Ooredoo, and more.
  • Deploys in any NFVi environment using ETSI-based standard integration.
  • Integrates with the 5G core network to perform slice authentication, authentication and authorization for DNN provisioning and authenticating access from non-3GPP networks.
  • Provides usage and location-based analytics.
  • Dynamically scales horizontally and vertically: industry-leading TPS benchmarks and sub-millisecond latency.
  • Includes custom scripting to meet new requirements without touching the source code.
  • Supports public, private, or hybrid cloud models.
  • Ensures vendor neutrality: a decade of IoTs with leading industry players.

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Case Studies

Case Study

A leading South Asian MNO implements Alepo’s Virtualized AAA

As the predominant provider of mobile, fixed broadband, and DTH services in its country with a growing subscriber base, the MNO partnered with Alepo to bolster its network, improve performance, and boost CX.

Case Study

Zain Jordan

Zain Jordan switched to Alepo’s carrier-grade AAA server, which helped expand its fiber footprint. Within just four months, the network capacity increased by 100%, helping the operator serve 80% more requests per second while supporting exponential subscriber growth.

Case Study

WOM enters Chile’s FTTH market using Alepo’s fixed broadband solution

The operator launched new high-speed services is response to a pandemic-related surge in demand. Alepo’s solution enables swift ROI, low operational costs, high customer satisfaction, and was deployed remotely to counter global travel bans.

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