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A comprehensive digital BSS platform that includes charging and digital CRM

Alepo Digital BSS is a carrier-grade 5G-ready digital business support system (BSS) that provides a digital CRM, convergent charging, billing, and revenue management on a modern virtualized platform, enabling the rapid delivery, monetization, and management of the latest communications services.

Manage Customer Experiences

Alepo Digital BSS has built-in CRM tools and features that enable you to digitize your customers’ experience and improve customer acquisition and retention.

Manage Customers

Alepo Digital BSS’s CRM redefines customer experience at every interaction. Customer care agents are equipped with a complete and intuitive 360-degree view of customers, including:

  • Account information
  • Product and package details
  • History
  • Trouble tickets

Empower Digital Consumers

Device responsive Web Self-Care and mobile app create sophisticated, simple self-care experiences for your customers. With these tools, customers have the power to:

  • Register and activate
  • Select services
  • Make payments
  • Manage trouble tickets
  • Manage personal information
  • And more

Create Innovative Offers

From offer creation to fulfillment, Alepo’s business support system is designed to increase revenue and customer loyalty by facilitating a rapid time to market (TTM) for new, innovative products and services. Alepo’s centralized product catalog is aimed to give you the tools and flexibility to fully respond to the growing needs of your customers in an ever-changing marketplace.

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Drive Up Revenue

Alepo Digital BSS employs a convergent charging and billing platform that enables you to realize truly convergent, differentiated services while maintaining an overall low total cost of ownership.

Converge Network Types

Alepo Digital BSS makes it possible to bring together multiple communications services offerings: voice, data, content, VAS; and access technologies: 3G, LTE, WiFi, xDSL, FTTx, and WiMAX; in a single, truly convergent digital BSS architecture. This affords multiple benefits, including:

  • Reduced complexity
  • Lower operational costs
  • Differentiated business plans
  • Bundled services
  • Cross-sell and up-sell promotions

Charge in Real Time

Alepo Digital BSS’s OCS is a robust and flexible charging system. It supports session-based rating, event-based rating, and online charging as well as offline processing of batch EDRs. Rating methods include:

  • Flat rates
  • Usage-based (tiers)
  • Time-based
  • Content-based
  • Destination-based
  • And more

Eliminate Revenue Leakage

The key factor that can cause revenue leakage within a billing system is a lack of real-time prepaid control. A true real-time rating and charging environment, Alepo Digital BSS’s OCS enable you to offer pay-as-you-go plans and on-demand services with the confidence of real-time credit control and zero revenue leakage.

Get Organized

Manage Your Partners

Built into Alepo Digital BSS is a partner management module that enables you to manage affiliates, affiliate information, and affiliate system users. You can:

  • Assign roles
  • Assign permissions
  • Transfer inventory
  • Transfer vouchers
  • Create affiliate specific plans

Manage Your Products

Built into Alepo Digital BSS is a product catalog; a centralized service agnostic application for defining plans across access technologies, for prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid plans. With a convergent catalog, you can bundle multiple service offerings into one seamless package.

Manage Your Inventory

Built into Alepo Digital BSS is an inventory management module that supports all inventory types applicable to the network/service type you have. It enables you to:

  • Import/update inventory
  • Assign/allocate/transfer inventory
  • Define inventory attributes
  • Set quarantine periods
  • Blacklist inventory
  • Automatically provision SIMs to the HSS
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Reporting & Analytics: Be Informed

Alepo Digital BSS’s built-in business insights and real-time analytics empower you with a holistic view of your business.

Get Information Instantly

Alepo Digital BSS features a built-in enterprise-class business intelligence reporting server with a report designer tool. The reports are displayed on a dashboard of graphically rich and interactive reports that provide instant information on all associated users, plans, and services.

Knowledge = Power

With rich analytics, you can evaluate the popularity of different plans and promotions, identify top or VIP users for special campaigns, track revenue, and more. With this detailed knowledge, you can make smarter business decisions, helping increase ARPU and your bottom line.

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News Releases

After a successful deployment of the Alepo WiFi Monetization and Offload solutions at HTI, the operator has again selected Alepo to enable the launch of VoIP and FTTx services in Myanmar. HTI will deploy a suite of Alepo products, including Alepo’s BSS/OSS framework with built-in CRM, convergent charging, billing, AAA, VoIP mobile app, interconnect and other modules. Read the news release.

Green Com, in partnership with Alepo, completes a major BSS transformation in Equatorial Guinea. With Alepo’s complete, end-to-end policy control, real-time billing and charging, CRM, and roaming and interconnect billing, Green Com launches new voice and data services. Read the news release.

Ooredoo Maldives partnered with Alepo to introduce next-generation fixed broadband services. The operator will deploy Alepo’s complete BSS solution, including billing and customer care, for its nationwide fixed broadband network. Alepo’s solution will enable Oordeoo Maldives to fully monetize its data services, launch innovative data offers rapidly, and ensure an enhanced customer experience. Read the news release.

Case Studies

Bitflux wanted to deliver wholesale LTE services to MVNO and MNO clients and required a complete MVNE billing platform with an affiliate management solution. The operator sought to deploy a dynamic, future-ready system that could quickly respond to a constantly evolving market and offer a high-speed, differentiated data experience to its customers. Read the full story on how Alepo helped Bitflux become the first operator to offer Wholesale LTE Services in Nigeria.

Tishknet, the most prominent internet service provider from Kurdistan, wanted to accelerate its 4G broadband success with the introduction of a high-speed LTE network. The operator turned to Alepo for a turnkey LTE solution and replacement of its legacy AAA and billing infrastructure to gain more advanced features and better vendor support. Read the full story how Alepo solution helped Tishknet to deliver a sophisticated brand experience and helped the operator reduce its CAPEX by 4% and OPEX by 6%.

A major telecom operator in West Africa called Alepo to expedite its 4G data business for its 11 million subscribers. The operator wanted Alepo to deploy a next-gen system, which facilitated rapid service innovation and delivered a sophisticated and personalized online customer experience, to win market share and reduce churn. Read the full story on how Alepo’s solution helped the operator gain 47% of online purchase revenue within just three months of the project’s completion.

White Paper

In today’s dynamic market, it is essential for operators to deliver differentiated offers and sophisticated customer experience. The key to success lies in having a competitive edge to respond to quickly evolving customer demands with innovative offerings at a lower cost per byte. Read Alepo’s Mobile Broadband Accelerator Solution white paper to learn how wireless network operators can rapidly monetize mobile broadband without adding unnecessary costs, complexity or changes to their existing business and network environment.

The increasing threat from OTT players in today’s digital era has forced CSPs to rethink their BSS architectures. Read the Alepo white paper ‘What’s Driving BSS Transformation for Leading CSPs?’ to learn how Alepo’s BSS Transformation Solution helps CSPs innovate their service offerings, digitalize the customer experience and streamline their IT and business processes, helping CSPs face market challenges with more confidence than ever.


Transforming from CSP to DSP is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when customers expected little more than access. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets have raised the expectations of customers, expanding the role of the service provider. Read the blog ‘CSP to DSP: A Journey of Transformation’ to learn some innovative offerings that can help CSPs beat the competition and remain relevant to their customers.

Operators fail to respond instantly to customers due to an unconsolidated BSS platform, a poorly integrated order management system, and multiple product catalogs. Read the blog ‘How a Centralized Product Catalog Revolutionizes a Telco’s BSS Offerings’ to learn how a single, centralized and convergent product catalog, in a consolidated BSS framework, reduces time-to-market and increases revenue, ARPU, and quality of experience.

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