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A comprehensive suite designed to drive financial inclusion and cashless adoption. Revolutionizes banking in underserved markets, helps service providers increase their footprint and monetize offerings, enables seamless and secure digital transactions.

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What are digital payment methods?

Digital payments include all online financial transactions. These can be completed using different types of mobile wallets, cashless payments, mobile apps from banks and other digital payments service providers, bank-to-bank transactions, bill and P2P payments, and more. Further agent banking is increasingly gaining momentum in places where physical banks are sparse, enabling field agents and bank representatives who can use their mobile devices to bring banking services to the customer.

Why is digital payment important?

Digital payment platforms afford customers the convenience of making payments anywhere and anytime they have access to a device connected to the internet. Service providers stand to benefit equally as they are able to offer a host of services that boost customer experience and build loyalty while opening new monetization opportunities. In addition to enabling digital transactions, they can also offer rewards, promotions, microfinance options, credit-scoring, and more. Plus, the pandemic has highlighted the need for safe and secure cashless transactions around the world. And, pandemic or not, digital payment platforms enable financial inclusion of underserved populations where banks and/or ATMs are sparse.

A Next-Gen Digital Payments Platform

Digital Payment Services

ROI-Centric Digital Payments Suite

Alepo’s Digital Payments Platform includes highly customizable features that support every business model:
Mobile wallet: supports all types of banking segments, cashless payments, and wallets (open, semi-closed, and closed). Compatible with different devices. Create multiple wallets (main, bonus, savings, and more) to control exactly how money is spent.
Mobile banking: app-enabled mobile self-care lets customers transact securely.
Bill, P2P, bank-to-bank payments: reduces the overall cost to customers arising from multiple KYC checks and service charges. Integrate with different bank accounts using only the bank’s API.
Agent banking: enables more financial inclusion in underserved populations, where agents or business correspondents can provide banking services using their mobile devices.

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Powerful All-In-One Platform

Promotion management: acquire, grow, optimize, and retain customers by defining and rolling out promotions.
Reward points: allotted for customer operations like top-ups, bill payments, and purchases, redeemable against various offers.
Microfinance: approve microloan disbursements and collections with support for microcredit and micro-savings.
Credit-scoring engine: determine customer eligibility for loans, services, and promotions, using pre-defined rules such as KYC verification status, total cash-ins, transaction history, and more.
Foreign remittance: paperless and user-friendly transactions with clients overseas through remittance partners like Western Union (WU).
e-piggy bank: customers can create an add-on account for their children under parental supervision.
Voucher management: create and manage the entire voucher life cycle for various promotions.
Omnichannel support: boosts customer experience.

Digital Payments Solution
Cloud-Native Digital Payments

Cloud-Native Benefits

Security: the platform is PCI/PA DSS compliance-ready and eliminates various security threats with anti-money laundering (AML) rules, fraud management, and more.
Extendible: add new functionalities without impairing existing ones with plug-in support.
RESTful API gateway: exposes REST APIs for services to orchestrate various functionalities by routing client requests to the appropriate microservice.
Microservices: the architecture comprises loosely coupled services that can be broken down into multiple components. Deploy services independently or in tandem.
Cloud-enabled and virtualized: rapidly deploy on the cloud, on-premise, or a hybrid with the option to keep transaction data local while running other parts on the cloud.

The platform can be deployed as standalone or part of Alepo’s Digital Business Support System (BSS).

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