Distributor Management System

Distributor Management System

Distributor Management System

A unified distributor management system for operators to manage their entire distribution chain. Control everything from inventory and CRM to partners and field agents, while gaining valuable customer behavior insights to improve processes.

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How do telcos manage the distribution chain?

Telcos manage their distribution chain using a distributor management platform, which is part of the Digital Business Support System (BSS). This platform helps them easily and efficiently manage distributor and field agent operations as well as the customer lifecycle. A distributor management system enables them to empower distributors to simplify customer onboarding, bill payments, and issue resolution, and more, while gaining in-depth analytics to help improve processes.

What is a distributor management system in telecom?

A distributor or partner management system enables operators to control their full distribution chain, from partner, distributor, and field agent operations to processes governing the customer lifecycle. It provides a unified platform for operators to let distributors assign permissions for different operations to specific staff members, offer more control to their field agents through smart points of sale (POS) to simplify customer onboarding and manage customer information, configure commissions, manage inventories, gain detailed BI insights, and more.

Distributor Management System

Create Multiple Points of Sale

The smart Points of Sale (POS) network enables partners and distributors to grant their field force access to all necessary information and permissions for efficient customer service. These field agents are empowered to:

  • Quickly and easily onboard retail and enterprise customers, choose tariff plans and services, complete KYC, and more.
  • Make bill payments, recharge balances, buy add-ons on behalf of customers.
  • Act on tickets assigned to them, upload supporting documents and update changes to the ticket status.

Manage The Customer Lifecycle

Distributor Management facilitates the efficient management of all aspects and all levels of customers, enabling you to:

  • Effortlessly onboard all customers: retail, enterprise as well as their customers.
  • Manage information, upload KYC documents, change plans, update user status (block and unblock users), raise tickets for customers, and more – all from an easy-to-use interface.
Telecom Partner Management
Distributor Management Platform

Simplify Distributor Operations

  • Configure n-level hierarchy: set strategic distributors (SD), common distributors (CD), big distributors (BD), retailers (call box, freelancers, door-to-door), end-users, and so on.
  • Grant role-based access: a distributor can permit different actions by multiple staff users.
  • Offer extended credit: ensure distributor operations run smoothly even when their balance is low.
  • Configure tax policies: for all partner levels based on regulatory and business needs.
  • Apply commissions: easily configured and viewed in a consolidated report; distributors can also view their own commission.
  • Set inventory prices: configure for different distributors and access reports with the Inventory Management module.
  • Gain BI insights: the reporting and analytics module provides location-specific insights to sales personnel.

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