Enterprise IoT Billing

Enterprise IoT Billing

Manage and secure any type of B2B or B2B2C business model with Alepo’s Enterprise IoT Billing Solution, and scale to support small as well as large enterprises. Efficiently manage enterprise customers, complex partnerships, varied billing models, and much more with Alepo’s convergent telecom billing solutions.

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What is an enterprise IoT billing solution?

An enterprise IoT billing solution helps service providers seize all opportunities that the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem brings. It enables them to forge diverse partnerships and to govern contracts and settlements with each partner with ease, ensuring they are able to prevent revenue leaks by accurately billing for all devices connected to the network. It also enables them to automate processes and simplify operations, while providing modern and digitized omnichannel self-care and support to their enterprise customers.

How does an enterprise IoT billing platform help to monetize 5G?

An enterprise IoT billing platform lets operators fully monetize the IoT ecosystem, plugging revenue leaks through automation and driving revenue through a host of varied partnerships with SIM providers, RFID providers, enterprises, and much more. It enables them to configure different billing and charging policies for each partner, and automate their billing mechanisms. They can support different business models like B2B and B2B2C, interconnect and roaming, affiliates and agents, as well as revenue-sharing, commission- and usage-based models, and more to maximize the potential of 5G use cases.

An Intelligent Enterprise IoT Billing Platform

Enterprise IoT Billing Platform

Empower IoT Partnerships

Simplify complex relationships: a unified and configurable multi-tenant system for end-to-end management of the IoT ecosystem. Configure partners (enterprises, SIM card/RFID/services providers, and more) and manage their entire lifecycle. Govern complex contract policies and payment and settlement modes.
Onboard partners quickly: capture all agreement-related information during onboarding. Associate multiple contracts with each partner using a policy-based framework comprising device commitment policies, device-based data plans, order commitment policies, and more.
Manage the IoT ecosystem: create parent-child hierarchy, visualizing relationships within the business environment with a holistic view of all the business entities.

Download Product Brief: Alepo Enterprise Self-Service (ESS) Portal

Make Enterprises Self-Sufficient

Automate enterprise operations: enable role-based self-care using the Alepo Enterprise Self-Service (ESS) Portal, letting enterprise customers perform various tasks and receive notifications on platforms like WhatsApp. Includes bulk SIM operations, subscriptions, device management, automated provisioning and service activation, real-time usage monitoring and connectivity dashboards, and audit logs.
Offer Connection 360° view: provides a holistic dashboard view of subscription, usage, and more. Users can easily manage connections (activation, suspension, plan changes, device mapping, and more), status changes, and map devices to SIMs in bulk, and receive real-time notifications. The intuitive interface displays analytics and reports.
Facilitate omnichannel support: the ESS Portal improves customer experience by granting enterprise customers letting them easily access account information, view new plans and products, and report issues. It has traditional ticketing support and a pre-integrated chatbot on a host of platforms such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and more.

Telecom Billing Solutions
IoT Billing Solution

Support Flexible Billing

Automate billing mechanism: the next-gen telecom billing solution supports flexible billing models like revenue share, B2B, and B2B2C. A pre-integrated billing engine facilitates billing based on the contract policies associated with each enterprise such as device provider, SIM card provider, and more. The billing mechanism works on parameters such as bill cycle date, billing type, and more, configured during onboarding. The system automatically generates and shares invoices with enterprise customers.
Configure wholesale billing: support numerous innovative business models (distribution partner, content/OTT, interconnect and roaming, MVNO, and affiliates and agents) and revenue models (revenue-sharing, commission, tiered discounts, usage-based ratings, and more) on legacy as well as 5G networks. Support multiple devices, business models, partnerships, and 5G use cases such as network slicing, converged offerings, API events, and more to generate high ROI.

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