Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF)

Alepo’s Policy and Charging Rules Function (PCRF) lets telecom operators make informed policy decisions, launch innovative services ahead of their competitors, and generate higher revenue on fixed and mobile broadband networks.
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What is the role of PCRF in telecom?

The 3GPP PCRF enables operators to launch new plans and services for their subscribers. Depending on what policy charging and control system they use, these plans can be highly personalized and contextual to meet evolving market demands. Telecom operators also have access to detailed business insights, helping them improve their offerings for specific customer segments, locations, and more.

What are the key features of PCRF?

A modern PCRF integrates both policy and charging systems for a more holistic approach to policy control and opens innovative new revenue streams. It enables operators to boost customer experience (CX) by enabling them to segment customers using advanced analytics to create contextual offers, monetize their data offerings through partnerships with various OTT players, implement custom use cases, and more. A robust policy and charging rules function is easy to use and enables telecom operators to rapidly configure new plans and services and bring them to market swiftly.

Give More Power to Your Customers

PCRF Use Cases

Boost CX with Policy 3.0

Personalize offerings: create highly contextual data plans and offers such as bandwidth on demand, family data sharing, location-based offers, international data roaming, pay as you go, and more.
Empower subscribers: Alepo’s award-winning mobile app lets subscribers buy and gift data, set bandwidth speeds and family data allowances, manage alerts, and more. Alepo’s Omnichannel Self-Care further enriches the subscriber experience, granting them more control over their accounts.
Communicate instantly: send automated real-time usage alerts and instant offers.
Gain real-time BI insights: make informed decisions, optimize resources, segment customers, and create targeted data offers that drive up revenue with real-time analytics and built-in reports on subscribers, networks, applications, and more.

Monetize Data Services

Personalize plans: data-driven business insights enable easy customer segmentation to create targeted offers that maximize ARPU while ensuring customer satisfaction.
Launch innovative offers: the sophisticated and versatile platform propels telecom operators into the lead in the postpaid and prepaid data market, helping expand existing business models as well as launch new ones. Read the solution brief.
Create win-win partnerships: easily create revenue-sharing agreements with OTT providers and other partners to introduce zero-rated and sponsored app promotions that boost CX.

Read the market report – Mobile Operator Survey: Over-the-Top (OTT) Services Outlook in Asia Pacific

Personalize CX with PCRF
PCRF in Telecom

Beat the Competition

Slash time-to-market (TTM) from days to minutes: Alepo’s rich library of pre-built policy templates and modern user interface significantly reduce configuration time and errors.
Access the latest use cases: the template library is constantly updated with innovative and in-demand use cases.
Unite business and technical teams: the Alepo PCRF offers a common language for policy and charging control. Policy rules configurations are mapped directly to the business use cases they enable, saving time and effort in translation.

Interested in creating custom policy use cases? Download the PCRF Whitepaper

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Whitepapers and Briefs

Solution Brief
Alepo Data Charging is the most advanced platform of its kind, with a constantly updated use-case library, drag-and-drop service designer, and an award-winning mobile app. Learn how it can be implemented as an adjunct to existing core billing and charging capabilities.
The modern network demands a holistic approach to the PCRF – one that integrates policy and charging systems to help unlock innovative new revenue streams. This whitepaper discusses the advantages and challenges to policy and charging integration within a standard 3GPP LTE network environment, the latest use cases, and more.
Product Brief
Part of Alepo’s Compact Core Solution, the PCF+PCRF facilitates a unified 4G/5G core, helping operators launch converged policy use cases. Download the product brief to know more about Alepo’s converged policy control function, its benefits, and architecture.

Case Studies

Case Study
ACS launched Myanmar’s first LTE-only service – ananda – using Alepo’s digital transformation, which included PCRF. ACS raced ahead of competitors to offer a sophisticated digital experience, including on-the-fly offers, targeted promotions, and personalized plans. Read how ACS signed 60K subscribers within the first month and how Alepo’s Managed Services ensured seamless management of people, processes, and platform.
Case Study
Alepo overcame pandemic-related travel restrictions to remotely deploy its digital transformation, replacing the operator’s legacy SaaS billing system. The new 5G-ready system supports Eswatini Mobile in launching innovative offers and promotions to stay ahead of the competition. Read the full story on how the deployment was completed and its resulting benefits.
Case Study
Alepo’s industry-leading Data Network Monetization Solution helped the large multinational operator meet growing demand for mobile data offers and enable more sophisticated CX, while fully monetizing the new services. Read the full story to know how Alepo helped the operator deploy a convergent all-in-one data monetization platform for its legacy and LTE networks.

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