Generative AI Chatbots for Telcos

A Generative AI Platform for Telecoms,, A Generative AI
Platform for Telcos is a low-code, industry-tailored, generative AI platform that empowers telecom operators to elevate customer experience and agent productivity. Designed specifically for the telecom industry, offers two innovative solutions – AI Virtual Agent and AI Agent Assist. The AI Virtual Agent introduces a fully digital-only first touchpoint that drives higher customer satisfaction, reduces churn, and increases revenue. The AI Agent Assist boosts the satisfaction and productivity of human agents by allowing them to work on complex queries. Prioritized to safety, accuracy, privacy, and information security, is built to handle production-grade telco use cases with ease.

What are the key capabilities of a Generative AI Virtual Agent?

A Generative AI Virtual Agent leverages advanced language models and machine learning to provide a fully digital-first touchpoint for customers. It can comprehend contextual information, access relevant knowledge, and generate human-like responses to handle a wide range of customer queries and tasks. Key capabilities include natural language understanding, contextual awareness, knowledge extraction from diverse data sources, and the ability to engage in coherent dialogues – all to drive higher customer satisfaction, reduced churn, and increased revenue.

How can a Generative AI Agent Assist solution enhance human agent productivity?

A Generative AI Agent Assist solution harnesses the power of generative AI to provide human agents with real-time, context-aware recommendations and suggestions. By understanding the current context of the agent-customer interaction, the AI system can offer relevant information, next-best-action recommendations, and even draft response suggestions. This allows agents to work more efficiently, focus on empathetic customer engagement, and improve overall job satisfaction – ultimately leading to enhanced customer experience and operational efficiencies., A Generative AI Platform for Telecoms

Generative AI and CX

Offers AI-Powered Customer Engagement

Explicitly designed for telecommunications service providers, is a cutting-edge platform that helps telecom operators transform customer experience and elevate operational efficiency. It is a production-ready, generative AI-powered solution with several advanced capabilities, including LLM-agnostic, no AI hallucinations, batch summarization, sentiment analysis, customizable analytics dashboards, support 100+ languages, and much more. Some of its significant benefits include:

Rapid implementation: Typical 2-month deployment timeframe
Continuous improvement: AI and human-powered learning and optimization
Data-driven insights: AI-powered analytics and reporting
Operational efficiency: Reduce call volumes and streamline customer interactions

Includes CX-Enhancing AI Innovations

Alepo seamlessly integrates with existing telecom systems (billing, customer care, payment, and ticketing systems) and knowledge bases, allowing the platform to support telecom customer service and support operations smoothly. Its core offerings include:
AI Virtual Agent: A fully digital agent capable of managing customer interactions 24/7, leading to higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue.
AI Agent Assist: Designed to support and enhance human agents’ performance, improving productivity and job satisfaction.

Watch the webinar: Transforming CX and Embracing Generative AI

CX-Enhancing AI Innovations
Generative AI Deployment Models

Offers Multiple Partnership Options

Alepo offers varied partnership models to ensure the best fit for your organization’s needs and resources.

Co-create: Influence our roadmap and co-develop features
Fully managed: Let us handle implementation and ongoing management
Self-managed: Take control with our comprehensive training and support

No matter what partnership option you choose, we are committed to your success and provide the required support and collaboration that best suits your organization.

Improves Virtual Assistance

Alepo’s AI Virtual Agent is a 24/7 digital-only self-service assistant that integrates with backend IT systems. With no wait times and the capability to resolve 15-35% of issues at the first digital touchpoint, the AI Virtual Agent caters to a wide range of demographics, especially millennial and Gen-Z customers. It ensures seamless human handoff only when necessary, allowing human agents to work on complex queries. It supports omnichannel interactions over web, mobile, SMS, WhatsApp, voice, and email.

AI Virtual Agent’s adaptive personas capability helps to identify the user profiles (customer or lead) and delivers the most personalized contextual answers, helping boost revenue through self-service upsells and reduce churn by up to 25%.

Generative AI Agent Assist

Enhances Agent Assistance

Alepo’s AI Agent Assist ensures consistent brand voice across interactions and empowers human agents by providing contextual answers and co-pilot tools, leveraging existing knowledge bases in real time. It significantly reduces issue resolution times by 40-70%, accelerates new agent onboarding and training, and increases agent satisfaction and productivity.

AI Agent Assist offers a robust batch summarization tool and on-demand summarization. The content summarization automatically generates concise interaction summaries of key points and outcomes, which supervisors can use to train and coach human agents.

Brings Unmatched Expertise

Alepo brings 20+ years of extensive telecom software expertise and a rich pool of AI and NLP specialists in-house. Our production-focused approach, emphasis on safety and accuracy, and constant innovation to keep you at the forefront of AI technology make Alepo a commercially astute partner aligned with your business objectives.

Alepo offers flexible deployment models for, including SaaS, Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), on-premise, or hybrid. We also provide professional services and 24/7 customer support for maximum value.

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Telecom Generative AI Experts Core Offerings

Gen AI Virtual Agent

AI Virtual Agent

Conversational AI bot that delivers personalized customer support through human-like interactions for exceptional user experience.


AI Agent Assist

AI-powered virtual assistant that equips agents with contextual knowledge to improve productivity and reduce resolution time.

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