Wholesale & Interconnect Billing Solution

Wholesale & Interconnect Billing Solutions

Wholesale & Interconnect Billing

The system eases the complexities of managing diverse partnerships inherent in wholesale and 5G networks, simplifying everything from contract onboarding to telecom billing and settlement.

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What is telecom interconnect billing solution?

A next-gen interconnect billing or wholesale telecom billing solution secures revenue streams for service providers by enabling them to charge other operators for use of their network infrastructure for voice, data, SMS, and other services. With constantly increasing reliance on data and customers expecting lower voice rates, interconnect partnerships become necessary for service providers. Interconnect partner management platforms let them efficiently monetize their networks, manage their partners, and plug revenue leaks.

What is the significance of wholesale or interconnect billing solution?

The wholesale or telecom interconnect billing solutions enable communications service providers to secure revenue when they partner with other operators to use each other’s network infrastructure for voice, data, SMS, and other services. It plays an especially significant role in 5G networks, which bring surging partnership opportunities, offering the potential for innovation with billing use cases like network slicing, device-based experiences, converged offerings, and more.

Benefits of the Unified Policy-Based Multi-Tenant System

Telecom Billing System

Maximize Partnerships

Alepo’s Wholesale and Interconnect Billing system facilitates limitless configurations to manage a diverse partner ecosystem (distribution, content/OTT, IoT, interconnect, roaming, MVNO, and more). It includes end-to-end partner lifecycle management and supports varied contract policies and settlement modes.

The interconnect partner management software or system lets you:

  • Create n-level partner hierarchy and bill on any network like LTE or 5G for channels like distribution partners, content/OTT, interconnect and roaming, MVNO, affiliates and agents.
  • Empower partners with advanced self-care and capabilities that help run successful business operations.
  • Empower your marketing and business development teams by supporting various revenue models (revenue share, commission, usage-based rating, tiered discounts, and more) using Alepo’s industry-leading telecom interconnect solution.

Implement 5G Use Cases

Partner management plays a vital role in driving 5G ROI, and telecom wholesale billing software has the highest potential for innovation with new billing use cases like network slicing, device-based experiences, converged offerings, and any API event. The interconnect partner management system maximizes 5G partnership opportunities, enabling service providers to help partners secure revenue with automated rates and charging mechanisms, swift onboarding, and reduced time-to-market with customized business configurations. Built on the latest technologies with a cloud-native vendor-neutral approach, Alepo seamlessly integrates with other 5G solutions or any standard IT element. Read Blog: Leveraging partnerships to increase 5G revenue
Interconnect Billing System
Interconnect Billing Solution

Support Interconnect Billing

Alepo’s telecom Wholesale Billing system supports all legacy interconnect billing use cases for voice, data, SMS, and more. The telecommunications interconnect billing system manages partnerships (bilateral, hubbing/aggregator, routing) and defines commitments based on revenue, service usage, penalty breach, and more. The interconnect billing platform ensures:
  • Accurate billing and invoicing with support for re-rating, multi-currency, and prompt bill runs.
  • Flawless reconciliation and settlement, tracking outbound and inbound traffic and verifying invoices issued by partners.
  • Frequent rate changes are handled in real-time and in bulk with a robust rating engine.
  • The least-cost routing is identified using optimum routing algorithms, with an intuitive user interface to compare rates offered by partners. Routes can be prioritized based on various parameters.
  • Comprehensive Business Intelligence reports give a 360-degree view of the entire interconnect ecosystem.
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Case Studies

Case Study

Bitflux Nigeria

The operator launched Nigeria’s first wholesale LTE service with Alepo’s billing solution, which has an in-built affiliate management module to bill data for wholesale partners. Read how Alepo ensured Bitflux could meet a stringent regulatory launch deadline without compromising on solution integrity.
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Alepo completed a Digital BSS Transformation for Muni using turnkey solutions including the interconnect billing platform. Read the full story to learn how the deployment helped the operator reduce churn by 7.5% and increase its revenue by 10% within two months of deployment.

Case Study

Eswatini Mobile

The operator has overhauled its network with a digital transformation from Alepo. The project helped eliminate the frequent disruptions and lags Eswatini Mobile faced, improving customer experience, reducing churn, and boosting revenue in just three months of deployment.

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