QUBEE enhances its LTE performance with Alepo’s BSS and AAA transformation

Case Study Overview

Among Bangladesh’s leading 4G internet providers, QUBEE wanted to get an edge over competition by providing the fastest and most reliable wireless data services. The operator decided to boost the performance of its 4G WiMAX network by modernizing its infrastructure with Alepo’s best-in-class BSS and AAA transformation solutions.

This case study provides insights into how Alepo’s AAA and BSS transformation helped QUBEE introduce a host of modern use cases to rapidly monetize its 4G network. With accelerated network performance and reduced service downtime, the operator was able to reduce churn and increase its subscriber base by 15 percent within three months of deployment.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
QUBEE’s legacy BSS platform caused multiple performance and operational issues. The operator wanted to improve its capabilities so that it could launch new and competitive data offers. Alepo’s track record of successes with 4G operators in Bangladesh and APAC made them the ideal solution partners.

Get an overview of QUBEE’s requirements
The operator was looking to address a host of challenges with Alepo’s solution so it could boost CX. For instance, its AAA infrastructure was unable to support its growing subscriber base and increasing traffic load, which affected the speed and stability of the network.

Know details of the features and capabilities of Alepo’s BSS and AAA solution
Alepo fully modernized QUBEE’s legacy network, making it a more advanced and responsive network. The solution helped plug revenue leaks that helped improve profit margins. Alepo’s 24x7x365 global technical support further ensured business success for QUBEE.

Learn about the use cases the solution enabled
Alepo enabled QUBEE to swiftly monetize its network with advanced use cases like turbo speed boost, FUP plans, pay-as-you-go plans, device-based services, and much more.

Know more about the project outcomes and improvements to the operator’s network
Alepo’s high-performance AAA helped boost network performance and scalability, helping improve CX. The operator expanded its market share and its subscriber base grew. Its service downtime also reduced.

QUBEE-AAA transformations
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