Safaricom, East Africa’s largest mobile carrier, selected Alepo Technologies, Inc. to provide an integrated BSS/OSS solution for WiMAX and Wi-Fi, including Alepo’s award-winning 16e AAA Server and DHCP Server. The robust solution will allow Safaricom to extend more finely grained service offerings to customers while maintaining high network security and optimizing resources. February 12, 2011, Austin, TX – Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today its partnership with East Africa’s leading integrated communications firm, Safaricom, to support its growing WiMAX network with enhanced policy control, QoS granularity, and IP address management. Safaricom has selected Alepo to implement its award-winning 16e AAA server and DHCP server as part of its nationwide WiMAX network. “A high-performing AAA server is a fundamental element of any mobile WiMAX solution, enabling advanced policy control as well as secure authentication and provisioning of subscribers to the network,” stated Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Alepo’s standards-based AAA server, with successful deployments worldwide, assures Safaricom of a proven, feature-rich solution.” For advanced IP address management, including support for IPv4 and IPv6, Safaricom will deploy Alepo’s DHCP Server. The server automatically provisions IP addresses to CPEs, either dynamically or statically for services requiring static IPs. The ability to segment and allocate IP addresses via IP pools prompts greater resource optimization. “The implementation of Alepo’s core network elements will afford Safaricom greater control over network policy, security and resource allocation, while achieving more flexibility in designing WiMAX and Wi-Fi service offerings for our customers, residential and commercial,” stated Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. In addition, Alepo will provide integration with Safaricom’s existing CRM system, allowing the incumbent mobile operator to provision and manage both WiMAX and GSM subscriber accounts from one centralized and familiar CRM interface, thus reducing operational and training expenses. “Alepo’s AAA server and DHCP server are fundamental components of Alepo’s comprehensive suite of 4G products and solutions,” stated Garini. “We are pleased to bring these solutions to Safaricom so it may remain a fierce, competitive leader in the region.”

About Safaricom

Safaricom offers total communications solutions to a growing clientele in Kenya. With a subscriber base of over 17 million, Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof: mobile and fixed voice and data services on a variety of platforms: Kenya’s widest and only 3G network; a growing fiber optic cable footprint and its most expansive WIMAX presence. Safaricom also pioneered commercial mobile money transfer globally through M-PESA, the most successful such service anywhere in the world.

About Alepo

Alepo is a leading provider of IT and network infrastructure software solutions for communications service providers worldwide. Alepo works closely with market leaders including Vodafone, MTN, France Telecom, and Digicel, empowering them to compete aggressively and realize data opportunities across technologies and generations. Alepo is proud to support innovative market leaders as they evolve in the telecommunications marketplace.

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