SaskTel launched Lüm Mobile using Alepo’s Zero Touch Network Solution

Case Study Overview

With over a million customers, SaskTel is a leading Canadian ICT provider. They offer a wide range of services, including voice, data, broadband, IPTV, data center, cloud-based services, and more. The operator wanted to introduce Lüm Mobile, a distinctive, brand-new, and innovative all-digital service in Saskatchewan, Canada.

SaskTel wanted to introduce a zero-touch network that doesn’t need physical stores or human interaction but has constant access to automated self-care to meet the growing demand for self-service offerings. Having a clear vision of the innovative membership and unique data model, SaskTel roped in Alepo to help them launch their new offering.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
SaskTel, which is renowned for its innovation, had a clear vision to launch an innovative zero-touch network for the younger and more tech-savvy population in the region, while ensuring higher revenue margins.

Understand the operator’s requirements
SaskTel wanted Alepo to help them launch Canada’s first all-digital mobile membership program and provide an end-to-end zero-touch network solution, supporting a cutting-edge business model of a membership-only service.

Know the solution components that were deployed
Alepo deployed its Zero-Touch Network Solution to ensure a smooth launch of Lüm Mobile. The key components delivered included Digital BSS, intuitive brand website, PCRF, Omnichannel Self-Care, managed services, advanced analytics for web and app, and more.

Discover the highlights of Alepo’s solution
The entire network infrastructure was hosted on SaskTel’s private cloud, ensuring significant OPEX and CAPEX savings. Alepo’s secured single platform supported all network components as well as integrations to the MNO core and IT systems, which facilitated the seamless launch of all-digital mobile offerings. Alepo helped SaskTel deploy a host of innovative use cases, personalized plans, and contextual offerings, which accelerated service monetization and revenue generation for the operator.

Gain insight into the project outcomes
The first fully virtualized zero-touch network services completely revolutionized the customer experience in the Saskatchewan region. The service created a lot of buzz on social media, which boosted brand visibility, engagement, and followers. The OPEX was drastically reduced by 91% as compared to the traditional wireless services due to its all-digital mobile brand, 100% self-serve capability, and complete cloud infrastructure.

Zero Touch Network - SaskTel
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