Case Study: SaskTel’s Lüm Mobile transforms customer service experience with Alepo’s Generative AI Virtual Agent

About Lüm Mobile

Lüm Mobile is Saskatchewan’s only all-digital wireless service. Lüm Mobile operates on Canada’s top tier-1 operator, SaskTel’s expansive LTE network, which covers over 99% of Saskatchewan’s population. With no monthly bills, full-speed data that never expires, only pay for what you use, and no activation fees, Lüm Mobile makes wireless simple and affordable.


Lüm Mobile revolutionized its customer service experience with Alepo’s AI Virtual Agent. Powered by Generative AI, Alepo’s solution helped the operator introduce Lümbot, which understands context, adapts personas in real-time, provides human-like interactions, and adapts by continuous learning.


The Alepo AI Virtual Agent utilizes the latest generative AI technology to deliver personalized and contextual customer support. Key capabilities include:
  • Comprehends nuanced customer interactions
  • Provides human-like dialogue
  • Adapts to session context in real-time
  • Improves through continuous learning
  • Integrates with knowledge bases and enterprise systems
  • Boosts efficiency and customer satisfaction

Why Download This Case Study?

  • Get Insights: Learn how Lüm Mobile leveraged AI technology to enhance customer experience.
  • Explore Innovation: Understand Alepo’s capabilities in AI and ML technologies.
  • See Results: See how Alepo’s generative AI Virtual Agent can deliver real-life benefits and an ROI.

Get the complete case study to learn how Lüm Mobile successfully launched a generative AI-powered virtual agent using Alepo’s solution.

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