Carrier WiFi Solution

Carrier WiFi Solutions

Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution provides WiFi offload and WiFi monetization, helping operators expand their network, reduce congestion, and deliver value-based services that are compelling to customers, partners, and advertisers.

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What is WiFi offload and WiFi monetization?

WiFi offload enables operators to leverage a WiFi hotspot network in places with low mobile network connectivity, filling coverage gaps and providing customers with a seamless experience. WiFi monetization is much more than charging customers for access. WiFi monetization platforms help communications service providers (CSPs) to use captive portals to enable a host of free sponsored journeys, letting customers access the internet in exchange for watching a video advertisement, filling in a survey, logging in using their social media credentials, using redeemable vouchers, and more. CSPs can also forge partnerships with affiliates and third-party service providers. Also, they can offer location- and event-based promotions and offers in public places like malls, cafes, stadiums, and more. Operators can leverage WiFi monetization platforms’ analytics and BI insights to segment and target specific customers.

How does WiFi help to improve CX?

WiFi is a great way for service providers to boost customer engagement, brand loyalty, and customer experience. By leveraging a hotspot network, they can enable free (sponsored) and paid internet access for customers in public places like stadiums, malls, airports, cafes, educational institutions, and much more. They can introduce location-based offers and tie-up with various affiliates, as well as offer contextual and personalized plans for individual customers based on their usage patterns. Further, carrier-class WiFi can help fill mobile network coverage gaps by seamlessly offloading customers on to the WiFi network in places where connectivity is low.

Monetize Data With Alepo’s Carrier WiFi Solution

Carrier-Class WiFi Solution

Rapidly Deploy The WiFi Network

Deployed at national telecom carriers and leading corporations, Alepo’s market-proven Carrier WiFi Solution is implemented by an experienced team with an untarnished project delivery record.

The high-performance, robust, carrier-grade solution ensures swift and cost-effective implementation, offering multiple deployment modes (cloud, on-premise, or hybrid).

Its end-to-end capabilities let you launch and monetize new WiFi services, and scale, adapt, and compete as a market leader.

The vendor-neutral solution enables you to choose best-of-breed technologies. Our extensive real-world production deployments with carrier-class WLAN vendors demonstrate interoperability, reducing cost and risk.

Support Multiple WiFi Monetization Models

The Carrier WiFi solution helps transform high-performance WiFi networks into a strategic revenue stream, addressing major challenges such as ROI, OPEX, and integration with existing networks.

It supports multiple WiFi monetization business models:

Sponsored WiFiPremium WiFi
  • Time-, speed, usage-, volume-based offers
  • Video advertisement
  • SMS authentication
  • Survey forms
  • Social data capture
  • Volume-, time-, speed-based offers
  • Promotional and paid passes
  • Payment gateway integration

Affiliate Management

  • Location-specific branding
  • Location-based offers and promotions
  • Existing ISP subscriber login
  • Affiliate commissioning and revenue sharing

Download Solution Brief: WiFi Service Management Platform (WiFi SMP)

WiFi Monetization Solution
WiFi Offloading Solution

Improve Coverage With WiFi Offload

WiFi offload easily and securely supplements your cellular network’s capacity, helping alleviate spectrum congestion and utilize spectrum more effectively.

Key benefits of carrier WiFi offload:
  • Lowers operational costs
  • Eliminates coverage gaps
  • Reduces network congestion
  • Secure, easy, and automatic
  • Improves customer experience
  • Maximizes revenue potential
Download Solution Brief: Alepo WiFi Calling (VoWiFi) Solution

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Case Studies

Case Study

Central American ISP

Aiming to deliver high-speed internet connectivity to the province’s population, the client launched public WiFi services using Alepo’s cloud-based Carrier WiFi solution. In the first three months, more than 1.3 million people accessed the public WiFi network, making the service a nationwide success. Read the case study to learn about the project.
Case Study


Alepo’s Carrier WiFi solution helped m:tel introduce free public WiFi and cellular offload, enabling quicker and easier service creation and equipping the operator with advanced monetization capabilities. This case study details several of the project’s successful outcomes, including increased WiFi usage, substantially lower operational costs, and more.
Case Study

ETB Colombia

The operator deployed Alepo’s WiFi offload solution for its LTE subscribers, enabling it to fill network coverage gaps and ensuring uninterrupted data connectivity. Read how the deployment helped ETB Colombia to reduce churn and increase its subscriber base, boosting customer experience by five percent within one month.

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