Enterprise Data Monetization

Alepo’s Enterprise Data Solution enables operators to grow revenues and market share with enterprise-specific mobile data plans and offers that cater to the specific needs and challenges that enterprise customers face.

Expand Customer Base & ARPU

The growing demand for enterprise mobility, unified communications, and always-connected work styles are driving up mobile data traffic rates in the enterprise sector.

Better Customers

Compared to individual mobile subscribers, enterprise customers are often considered to be:
  • Stable
  • High value
  • Low risk

Drive up ARPU

In order to capitalize on the enterprise market segment and drive up ARPU, you must consider the unique data requirements and priorities of each individual customer and create special, custom plans that resonate with them.


Alepo offers a complete, carrier-grade data monetization solution that enables you to seize on the emerging revenue opportunities in the enterprise data market.

Unique Offers

You can readily introduce or evolve your enterprise data business with market-ready use cases such as:
  • Corporate fair usage policy
  • Shared data allowance
  • Device-based restrictions
  • Time-based restrictions
  • And many more

Lower Your Investment Costs

Alepo’s Enterprise Data Monetization solution was created as a flexible, cost-efficient package solution.


The solution enables you to rapidly monetize enterprise data,  without:
  • Adding unnecessary costs
  • Complexity
  • Changes to your existing business
  • Changes to your network environment

No Replacement

The solution can serve as an alternative approach to replacing legacy components by promoting reuse and integration, enabling you to invest in new revenue growth and solutions with rapid ROI.

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