A Converged Subscriber Data Management Solution

Alepo’s Subscriber Data Management offers a converged platform for both 4G and 5G subscriptions, making it easy to manage the network upgrade path. The converged subscriber data management solution provides a framework for operators to collaborate with third-party service providers and introduce advanced services such as 5G slicing, enterprise IoT, and more.

Deploy Converged SDM

Alepo Subscriber Data Management (SDM) is a standard-based network function that includes Authentication Server Function (AuSF), Unified Data Management (UDM), and Unified Data Repository (UDR) for 5G-SA support as well as Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for 4G and 5G-NSA support. With Alepo’s SDM, operators can enhance their existing 4G core and extend support to 5G using the centralized and scalable subscriber data repository, which eases the launch of new services, reduces time-to-market, and saves cost.

Seamless Authentication

Alepo’s Authentication Server Function carries out authentication for services in 5G networks. The AuSF:

  • Authenticates device access to an enterprise slice by integrating with an enterprise AAA server
  • Authenticates device access to non-3GPP networks such as WiFi and broadband
  • Is based on 3GPP TS29.509 standard

Unified Data Management

A converged offering for authenticating and authorizing access to services in 4G and 5G Networks. Alepo’s UDM+HSS:

  • Manages subscriber identity concealing
  • Supports 5G-AKA, EAP-AKA’, EPS-AKA authentication methods
  • Manages service authorization for both 4G and 5G subscriptions
  • Manages session continuity and mobility between 4G and 5G Networks
  • Supports legacy interfaces such as S6a, SWx, Cx, Sh
  • Is based on 3GPP TS29.503, TS29.272 standard

Scalable Data Repository

A highly scalable common subscriber repository that holds SIM identities and subscription profiles for 4G and 5G subscriptions as well as policy subscriptions. Alepo’s Unified Data Repository (UDR):

  • Uses highly scalable NoSQL database
  • Enables high availability for single- and multi-site deployment
  • Handles REST (real-time) or batch (bulk) provisioning
  • Supports database-less architecture for low footprint deployment
  • Is based on 3GPP TS29.504 standard

Swift Retrieval of NF Session

Helps operators store contexts for different network functions (NF). The Unstructured Data Storage Function (UDSF):

  • Allows managing, storing, and retrieving the network function session contexts in an unstructured format
  • Uses a high-performing NoSQL database to persist NF states
  • Is based on 3GPP TS29.598 standard
Deploy Subscriber Data Management
UDR Agent Portal

Employ Web-Based Portals

UDR Agent Portal

Alepo’s UDR Agent Portal empowers the service provider’s network team to manage service configurations, subscriptions, and policy data, and troubleshoot subscription-related issues. With its easy-to-use GUI system, users can view all subscription-related information in one place. It maintains the privacy and security of the subscription data with role-based access and SIM encryption support. The UDR Agent Portal:

  • Allows service configurations for APN, DNN, slices, PLMNs
  • Maintains unified 4G and 5G subscriptions profile and policy data management
  • Supports bulk operations for SIM and subscription management
  • Facilitates troubleshooting for network administration
  • Implements data security for critical data such as SIM identities
  • Supports centralized access control that can integrate with an external access management system

Enterprise Self-Service (ESS) Portal

Empowers enterprise customers to execute self-service operations such as managing SIM cards, subscriptions, and various types of devices. Alepo’s Enterprise Self-Service Portal:

  • Facilitates bulk operations for SIM and device management
  • Allows automated provisioning and activation of services
  • Manages end-to-end subscription and device life cycles
  • Supports real-time usage monitoring and connectivity dashboards
  • Maintains audit logs and user access control

Element Management System (EMS)

Alepo EMS allows system users to configure NF services, profiles, and deployments. System users can also define various monitoring KPIs for application and system health. It supports alarm monitoring by configuring thresholds on KPI reported by NF services, handles various service deployment models (active-active, active-passive, and more), and other monitoring and health performance functionalities.

Gain Cloud Benefits

Alepo’s Subscriber Data Management NF employs microservice-based software architecture that is cloud- and PaaS-agnostic and supports public, private, and hybrid deployment options. It also supports containerized as well as NFV-based deployment. Being fully cloud-native, the network function handles interworking with 5G NRF for service registration, discovery, and authorization, executes horizontal and vertical scaling based on traffic needs, maintains high availability, and implements CI-CD for automated release management.

cloud-native subscriber data management

Flexible Deployment Models

Private Cloud






Hybrid Cloud









vmware deployment models
openstack deployment models
docker deployment models

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