Subscriber Data Management (SDM)

Subscriber Data Management

The converged Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution is a unified platform for both 4G and 5G subscriptions to simplify the network upgrade path. It implements a Network Data Layer approach to independently interface with multiple applications, preventing duplication by consolidating data in a single, centralized, highly scalable, robust, and cost-effective repository. Alepo, as a telecom SDM provider, enables operators to collaborate with third-party service providers and introduce advanced services such as 5G slicing, enterprise IoT, and more.

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What is a subscriber data management solution?

A telecom SDM provides a unified platform for both 4G and 5G subscriptions, helping operators make a smooth transition to 5G while supporting legacy services alongside advanced next-gen services. It lets operators respond dynamically to changing demands by easily scaling up or down; they can swiftly configure and launch new services. Its cloud-native architecture supports flexible deployment and reduces CAPEX and OPEX. It also offers the potential for new partnerships and collaborations to introduce advanced services such as enterprise IoT and 5G slicing.

What functions does SDM perform in 5G?

To facilitate the high-value CX-driven use cases that 5G offers, service providers need to upgrade their legacy core so it can support 4G as well as 5G (and private 5G) networks through subscriber data management (SDM). A telecom SDM solution makes it easy to expand and operate the network and add innovations to meet customer demand. It helps bring fixed and mobile networks together with robust and scalable single-point data storage. 5G SDM can manage SIM services and subscriber data more efficiently, which are essential for 5G. It ensures hassle-free migration to 5G and enables CSPs to leverage partnership and collaboration opportunities for advanced 5G use cases. It also ensures swift TTM and unlocks a host of revenue streams by supporting the launch of next-gen services like IoT, eMBB, M2M, URLLC, and more.

Alepo 5G Core Network Function: SDM

SDM in 5GC Architecture

Deploy Converged SDM

Alepo Subscriber Data Management (SDM), part of Alepo’s 5G Core (5GC) Solution, lets operators enhance their existing 4G core and extend support to 5G, simplifying the launch of new services, reducing time-to-market, and saving on costs.

The SDM is a standard-based network function that includes Authentication Server Function (AUSF), Unified Data Management (UDM), and Unified Data Repository (UDR) for 5G-SA support as well as Home Subscriber Server (HSS) for 4G and 5G-NSA support. Capabilities of the SDM solution include:

Seamless authentication: AuSF

Carries out authentication for services in 5G networks:

  • Based on 3GPP standards
  • Support for 5G authentication based on 5G-AKA
  • Manages authentication session states in the external centralized database
  • Handles authentication confirmation timeout
  • Support for re-synchronization failure management
  • Support routing based on SUCI and SUPI

Highly scalable data repository: UDR

A common subscriber repository that holds SIM identities and subscription profiles for 4G and 5G subscriptions as well as policy subscriptions:

  • Based on release 16 (July 2020) 3GPP TS 29.504, TS 29.505
  • Storage and retrieval of 4G+5G subscriptions and policy data
  • Subscription for notifications of subscriber data changes
  • High-performance and scalable 4G+5G subscriber repository
  • Support for single- and multi-site deployment
  • Web-based admin portal for managing subscriptions, SIM identities, service configurations, and policy data for subscribers
  • REST (real-time) or batch (bulk) SIM provisioning
  • Support for roaming use cases
  • Support for V2X subscriptions
  • Integrates with third-party UDM and PCF over standard 3GPP interfaces

Unified data management: UDM+HSS

A converged offering for authenticating and authorizing access to services in 4G and 5G networks:

  • Support for 3GPP S6a with MME and Nudm interface with AMF and SMF based on 3GPP TS 29.272 R16 and TS 29.503 R16
  • Supports EPS-AKA, 5G-AKA authentication methods
  • Manages user identities (storage and management of SUPI/SUCI/IMSI/GPSI for each subscriber in the 4G+5G)
  • SUCI de-concealing (SUCI to SUPI conversion) using Profile A, Profile B, and null scheme method
  • Handles 4G authentication and service authorization using subscription data
  • Stores and manages AMF/MME and SMF contexts for UEs
  • Support for V2X subscription data and Dedicated Core
  • Support for PLMN-based authentication and authorization (including roaming use cases)
  • Supports inter-RAT, intra-RAT mobility
  • Enables service and session continuity by managing SMF/DNN contexts for ongoing sessions
  • Supports for Interworking Function (IWF) for interfacing with 4G network nodes
Download Flyer: 5G Core Network Solution

Employ Web-Based Portals

Alepo’s SDM Portal empowers the service provider’s network team to manage subscription and policy data for subscribers. The easy-to-use GUI system displays all subscription-related information in one place.

  • Allows service configurations for APN, DNN, slices (S-NSSAI), PLMNs
  • Manages subscription and policy data for subscribers
  • Supports bulk operations for SIM management
  • Facilitates troubleshooting for network administrators

Alepo Enterprise Self-Service (ESS) Portal

Alepo ESS Portal empowers enterprise customers to execute self-service operations.

  • Facilitates bulk operations for SIM and device management
  • Allows automated provisioning and activation of services
  • Manages end-to-end subscription and device life cycles
  • Supports real-time usage monitoring and connectivity dashboards
  • Maintains audit logs and user access control

Alepo Element Management System (EMS)

Alepo EMS allows system users to configure NF services, profiles, and deployments. System users can also define various monitoring KPIs for application and system health.

  • Supports alarm monitoring by configuring thresholds on KPI reported by NF services
  • Handles various service deployment models (active-active, active-passive, and more)
  • Performs various other monitoring and health performance functionalities
Cloud-Native SDM Solution

What Sets Alepo SDM Apart

Alepo’s Subscriber Data Management is based on 3GPP standards, built on a best-in-class technical stack, and compatible with a multi-vendor environment. The low-footprint 5G SDM solution is built on a highly scalable NoSQL data repository (Couchbase DB).

Alepo’s 5G SDM in telecom is suitable for compact core and can also be scaled for macro core.

The solution employs microservice-based software architecture that is cloud- and PaaS-agnostic and supports public, private, and hybrid deployment options. It also supports containerized and NFV-based deployment. Being fully cloud-native, the network function handles interworking with 5G NRF for service registration, discovery, and authorization executes horizontal and vertical scaling based on traffic needs, maintains high availability, and implements CI-CD for automated release management.

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