VoLTE PCRF (Policy Rules and Charging Function)

VoLTE PCRF Solution

Alepo’s VoLTE PCRF solution empowers operators to seamlessly transition their voice services to IMS networks and deliver superior communication experiences to the subscribers. The solution allows efficient management and control of voice services, ensuring optimal LTE network performance, enhanced customer satisfaction, and continuously growing revenues. With Alepo’s VoLTE PCRF solution scalability and flexibility, operators can easily cater to the dynamically changing networks and subscriber demands, ensuring future-proofed networks.

What role a VoLTE PCRF plays?

A VoLTE-enabled PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) is crucial in managing and controlling voice services over IP-based networks. It ensures optimal voice call quality, efficient resource allocation, policy enforcement, and seamless integration with other network components. A VoLTE PCRF enables operators to deliver high-quality voice services and support seamless communication experiences in LTE and 5G networks by fulfilling these roles.

What are the advantages of a dedicated VoLTE PCRF?

A dedicated PCRF for voice and data empowers operators with the control and flexibility to deliver customized services, optimizing the user experience. It guarantees fault isolation, facilitates independent voice network upgrades, simplifies troubleshooting, and provides superior congestion control. Additionally, it enables operators to implement tailored QoS parameters, such as low latency and minimal jitter for voice, coupled with low latency and adequate bandwidth for data, all of which contribute to a seamless user experience across services.

Alepo VoLTE PCRF Solution

VoLTE PCRF Solution

Transition to VoLTE and VoNR Seamlessly

With Alepo’s VoLTE PCRF solution, operators can seamlessly transition their voice services to 4G (VoLTE) and 5G networks (VoNR), unlocking the full potential of their networks.

The solution provides efficient management and control of voice services, ensuring optimal performance and resource utilization. It seamlessly integrates with existing IMS networks, enabling a smooth migration to VoLTE and VoNR services without disrupting operations.

Real-time charging and billing capabilities ensure accurate billing and a seamless customer experience. Scalability and flexibility allow operators to effortlessly adapt to evolving network requirements and subscriber demands.

Build Future-Proof Network

With years of telecommunications experience, Alepo specializes in VoLTE and 5G core solutions, perfectly understanding the unique demands of operators transitioning to 5G networks or aiming to offer robust voice-over NR solutions.

With Alepo’s convergent policy control (PCF+PCRF) solution – that is both Release 17-compliant and supports Diameter and SBI REST-based interfaces – operators can construct future-proof networks that are ready for 5G SA architecture, offering their subscribers pioneering communication experiences.

Alepo’s PCF+PCRF solution, an integral part of our extensive telecom products and services suite, facilitates comprehensive support for operators on their journey to network modernization.

Convergent PCF+PCRF Solution
PCRF for VoLTE and Data

Unlock the Full Potential with Dedicated PCRFs

Deploying dedicated PCRFs for voice and data networks helps operators to optimize resource utilization and allocate bandwidth based on specific service requirements.

By implementing separate PCRFs, operators can ensure better compliance with regulatory standards, enhancing the overall security of voice and data services.

The ability to independently scale and upgrade voice and data functions enables seamless adaptability to changing network demands.

Moreover, the modular architecture promotes innovation and service differentiation, offering a future-proof solution for evolving communication needs.

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