How Spectranet launched Nigeria’s first 4G LTE network using Alepo’s solution

Case Study Overview

Spectranet was Nigeria’s first service provider to launch a 4G LTE network, for which it partnered with Alepo. Alepo helped facilitate a smooth transition from the operator’s existing WiMAX to LTE platform, providing a complete solution for charging policy control, billing, and customer management. The solution enabled support for the new LTE services as well as legacy business plans during the transition.

This case study describes how Alepo’s 4G LTE solution helped Spectranet launch and monetize its new data-driven services, with a future-proof system that adapts to evolving business needs. The solution enabled the operator with capabilities such as unified customer management, web self-care, centralized product management, advanced reporting, granular plans, sophisticated customer experience, and more.

Key Takeaways

Understand the operator’s business goals and project requirements in launching Nigeria’s first 4G LTE network
The operator wanted a platform that enabled flexibility and feature-richness so it could readily respond to swiftly evolving market demands. Spectranet also needed a solution that was highly scalable, vendor-neutral, and future-proof.

Get to know the components and architecture of Alepo’s end-to-end solution
Alepo’s complete 4G LTE solution provided Spectranet a solid foundation to launch its new LTE services immediately. The platform also ensured support for future services and the operator’s business evolved. It included Alepo’s OCS, PCRF, BSS, web self-care, and more. It also included Alepo’s globally renowned professional services.

Learn about the features and capabilities of the modern and proven solution
Alepo’s solution enabled advanced revenue management, enhanced policy control features, auto-provisioning and device management, smooth data migration, and the ability to deliver, monetize, and manage the latest IP data services. The platform equipped Spectranet to bring new services to market sooner and streamlined their day-to-day business operations.

Discover the business benefits that the project afforded the operator
Spectranet made a smooth transition from WiMAX to LTE services, improving CX and winning loyalty from its customers in Nigeria. The operator was able to monetize new data-driven services, ensure dynamic scaling, get round-the-clock support from Alepo’s expert team of engineers and support specialists, and more.

4G LTE solution Spectranet
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