Subscriber Data Management (SDM) for
5G Core

Whitepaper Overview

Subscriber data is a vital asset today. To facilitate high-value 5G use cases, as well as to remain competitive against OTT players, operators need a high-performing Subscriber Data Management (SDM) solution that provides a unified platform for 4G and 5G services. This whitepaper explains how SDM facilitates a smooth and seamless transition to 5G.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the SDM market
Implementing a unified platform to store and manage subscriber data helps operators secure their 5G investments.

Understand the need for consolidated data
Subscriber data is a core asset for operators, helping them leverage their relationship with their customers to remain competitive and relevant.

See how SDM works
SDM stores and manages all subscriber information using any service. It evolves the physical network to virtualized, cloud-native, SBA-based architecture. Understand how exactly it overcomes the complexities of maintaining legacy databases.

Gain insights into the role of SDM in the 5G Core (5GC)
SDM serves the varied data storage requirements, especially those created by 5G, facilitating authentication and authorization of access to 4G and 5G services. It enables different deployment modes to cater to diverse use cases such as network slicing and edge computing. It also keeps the total cost of ownership (TCO), CAPEX, and OPEX low.

Learn how SDM increases 5GC ROI
SDM supports the top 5GC use cases that will help operators generate revenue over the next few years, such as network slicing, enterprise networks, and more. And it will enable operators to drive revenue with these use cases.

Discover the capabilities of Alepo’s SDM solution
The solution equips operators to facilitate a host of Industry 4.0 and other 5G applications. The solution offers a host of features such as local and georedundancy, real-time analytics, cloud-native SBA, centralized repository, and more.

Get an in-depth look at the platform
Alepo SDM provides a unique components and architecture that ensure business success.

Get to know the business benefits enabled by Alepo SDM
Alepo’s futureproof SDM solution ensures efficient deployment, swift time-to-market, flexibility, and more.

Read a case study
Though 5G is in its infancy, this real-world 5G Core implementation is already demonstrating successful outcomes.

Subscriber Data Management for 5G Core Whitepaper
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