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Saudi Telecom Partners with Alepo to Modernize STC’s Core DSL Network

Saudi Telecom recently selected Alepo to enhance its legacy DSL core infrastructure via Alepo’s high-performance AAA server, Service Enabler, and Policy Framework, resulting in a three fold increase in AAA performance capacity and ten fold increase in system response time.

Austin, TX, March 22, 2013—Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today its partnership with Saudi Telecom to modernize its existing core DSL network in order to reduce system lag time while increasing subscriber capacity and allowing new products and services to be introduced to the market immediately, without impact on existing services or the customer experience.

After a rigorous selection process, Alepo was chosen to help STC respond to their growing subscriber base through the implementation of Alepo’s high-performance AAA server and policy framework, coupled with its award-winning OSS/BSS framework, Service Enabler. Alepo’s rich library of APIs was also employed for seamless integration with a network of legacy systems.

Since the implementation of Alepo’s solution, STC has reported a three-fold increase in AAA performance capacity, ensuring a solution built for growth. System response time has increased ten fold due to Alepo’s high-performance provisioning APIs. The system upgrade was completed with no customer disturbances and with no reported data errors.

“With Alepo’s comprehensive solution, STC has gained the speed, agility and flexibility to deliver new, innovative services faster and to meet our customers’ evolving needs,” stated Turki Mohammed Al-Badri, Billing Section Manager at STC.

“STC’s commitment to providing unparalleled service to customers, especially in times of growth and change, presented us with an opportunity to showcase our own commitment to helping service providers respond to an ever-evolving marketplace with flexible and high-performance solutions,” stated Brandon Johnson, Director of Operations at Alepo.

About Saudi Telecom

STC (Saudi Telecom) is the leading national telecommunications services provider in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. STC provides four key services: Home services which include PSTN, broadband DSL, Personal services which include mobile telephone services and value added services, Enterprise services which provide advanced business data solutions to enterprises and Wholesale services that provide network services to other local operators. In the recent years STC grew beyond its local borders and went global forming a network of business and investments in various Gulf countries, Asia, and Africa. The group is present in Kuwait, Bahrain, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Turkey, and South Africa enabling it to provide services to a bigger customer base and increasing its total number of customers externally by studying and evaluating investment opportunities. For more information, visit STC on the Internet:

About Alepo

Cielux Partners with Alepo to Roll Out a 4G Customer Experience in Africa

Austin, TX, October 10, 2012 – Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT solutions for next telecommunications service providers, announced today that its longstanding customer, Cielux Telecom, has successfully upgraded to Alepo Service Enabler (SE) 8.1, the latest version of Alepo’s signature BSS / OSS framework. The upgrade supports Cielux’s ongoing effort to rollout convergent 4G services across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

With Alepo SE, Cielux is able to optimize the delivery of high-speed, 4G data services on its nationwide mobile broadband network, the first and only of its kind in DRC. Cielux will leverage SE’s convergent charging capabilities to create differentiated, tiered services, offering usage-based prepaid and postpaid plans to new and existing residential and business customers.

“Cielux is committed to the advancement of high-speed mobile broadband and keeping pace with the latest technology and developments to exceed the customers’ expectations within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at an affordable price. Thanks to Alepo’s continual innovation and expertise in 4G core infrastructure, we are able to make that commitment a reality,” said Ashwini Kumar Gogoi, Cielux Executive Director, COO & CFO. Gogoi added, “With Alepo SE’s built-in flexibility, we are able to deliver all of INET’s customer-centric service plans to a single device with a single online click, making Alepo SE incredibly user-friendly for business-to-consumer transactions.”

The upgrade to Alepo SE 8.1 furnishes Cielux with advanced capabilities that work to enhance the customer experience. With Alepo SE’s intuitive, web-2.0 Subscriber Portal, customers can access real-time account information, top up and refill accounts via prepaid cards, and more. An automated messaging system allows Cielux to easily send real-time customer notifications and balance alerts via e-mail and SMS. And, the added policy control functionality of Alepo’s PCRF Lite extends the solution to enable Cielux to upgrade or downgrade bandwidth in real time and to hotline users upon expiration or zero balance to a customized captive portal. Most importantly, the upgrade process did not interrupt or jeopardize Cielux’s existing services.

“On an evolutionary path to 4G convergent services, service providers can leverage the advanced capabilities of carrier-grade solutions like Service Enabler that work to enhance the customer experience across legacy and next generation networks and services, seamlessly and cost-effectively,” said Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Alepo is proud to continue to support Cielux as the company seizes new opportunities to advance its network and to distinguish itself through superior customer experience.”

About Cielux Telecom

Founded in 2003, Cielux Telecom is now one of the largest ISP in DRC, combining know-how and technical infrastructure to offer best-in-class products and solutions. In July 2009, Cielux started its operations with triple-play services: Data, VoIP, and Video based on fixed WiMAX technology IEEE802.16d on local loop in 3.5 GHz licensed frequency. With its own VSAT Hubs, ISP, and Microwave license, Cielux was able to set up a carrier-class core network infrastructure across DRC. In July 2012, Cielux launched its high-speed mobile 4G data services based on IEEE802.16e technology in 2.5 GHz licensed frequency in Kinshasa under the brand INET. Cielux is proud to have generated a good customer base, including many renowned corporate customers to date in just 3 months after launch. Cielux will be expanding its operations to all major cities of DRC early next year. This will pave the way for whole DRC to experience the next generation high-speed mobile broadband services.

About Alepo

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Alepo Introduces Record-Performing 16e AAA Server

March 1, 2010, Austin, TX — Alepo today announced the introduction of its record high-performancing 16e AAA Server for the support of mobile WiMAX technologies.  With the emergence and commercial viability of mobile WiMAX devices and infrastructures, a high-performing and feature-rich 16e AAA Server is integral to the deployment of an efficient and reliable network.  A 16e AAA Server offers WiMAX providers authentication, authorization, accounting and gateway control for mobile WiMAX networks, providing (in combination with other network elements) real-time policy management, anti-fraud and revenue assurance functions, among others.

Alepo’s 16e AAA Server is distinguished by its high performance, boasting an average of 900-1,000 AAA requests per second on even entry-level hardware.  Additionally, it is NWG Stage 1.0 and 1.5 compliant, and comes from a WiMAX Forum member.

“As WiMAX technologies evolve, the importance of the AAA has increased, making it a core element of any mobile WiMAX solution, “ stated Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products at Alepo. “Alepo is proud to respond to this need by introducing a 16e AAA Server that is built to be not only extremely high-performing, but built to support current and emerging technologies.  Our AAA Server has been at the center of our solutions since the onset, and we’re excited to introduce our most feature-rich and efficient version yet,” he concluded.

In addition to standard AAA functions, Alepo’s 16e AAA Server provides unique features such as self-healing from system failures, centralized key management, identity correlation, IP Address Management (both dynamic and static), session caching, and session hierarchies.  Alepo’s 16e AAA Server is also vendor neutral, allowing service providers to create a WiMAX network made of best-of-breed networks, lowering cost of ownership at network inception and throughout the life of the network.

About Alepo

Alepo is a leading provider of IT and network infrastructure software solutions for communications service providers worldwide. Alepo works closely with market leaders including Vodafone, MTN, France Telecom, and Digicel, empowering them to compete aggressively and realize data opportunities across technologies and generations. Alepo is proud to support innovative market leaders as they evolve in the telecommunications marketplace.

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