Alepo Announces Major LTE Win to Provide Policy and Charging for BLU Telecommunications in Ghana

Alepo Announces Major LTE Win to Provide Policy and Charging for BLU Telecommunications in Ghana

Alepo Technologies, Inc. announced its partnership with BLU Telecommunications Limited (BLU) to launch new 4G LTE services in Ghana. Alepo will deploy a complete LTE solution for policy control, charging, and BSS / OSS.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014, Austin, TX — Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for global communications service providers, announced today that it will provide policy and charging control for a new 4G LTE network at BLU Telecommunications in Ghana. Blu plans to launch LTE services – including data, voice, IPTV and Wi-Fi hotspots for residential and commercial customers – in the second half of 2014.

As part of the network launch, BLU will leverage Alepo’s Service Enabler 9.0 (SE) – a complete, carrier-grade BSS / OSS framework that enables a smart customer experience as well as an efficient back office. Pre-integration of SE 9.0 with Alepo’s policy and charging control nodes means that BLU will be able to readily deliver, manage, and monetize LTE services, upon launch and as those services and market demands evolve.

Initially, BLU will focus its LTE network on the delivery of data, Wi-Fi, content, and IPTV. Blu plans to later extend its offerings to include services such as IMS & VoLTE, assured of its future-proof solution from Alepo.

“It was vital that we choose a scalable and flexible solutions provider such as Alepo, experienced in multi-service, convergent charging and policy with a strong dedication to LTE,” stated Ekow Thomson, COO at BLU.

Alepo will also provide a high-performance AAA infrastructure to support Wi-Fi hotspot services, and will integrate its platform with third-party vendors including Cisco and Huawei.

“We are excited to deliver such high value to our LTE service provider customers,” stated Dan Stern, Vice President of Sales at Alepo. “With our proven dedication to launching innovative LTE services for service providers around the world, Alepo has significant insight into the immediate and long-term goals of LTE service providers. We continue to develop advanced software solutions that enable our customers to lead their markets with the delivery and monetization of new data services and capabilities.”

About BLU

Blu Telecommunications Limited (BLU) is a Ghanaian owned premier telecommunications company utilizing the latest 4G technology to deliver ultra-fast broadband to consumers in Ghana. Blu has secured a 4G license from the National Communications Authority, the Regulator of Telecommunications in Ghana and will be launching its services in 2014, providing a wide range of telecommunications services including data, voice, WiFi hotspots and IPTv services to residential and business subscribers using an ultra-fast 4G LTE network.

About Alepo

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Cielux Partners with Alepo to Roll Out a 4G Customer Experience in Africa

Cielux Partners with Alepo to Roll Out a 4G Customer Experience in Africa

Austin, TX, October 10, 2012 – Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT solutions for next telecommunications service providers, announced today that its longstanding customer, Cielux Telecom, has successfully upgraded to Alepo Service Enabler (SE) 8.1, the latest version of Alepo’s signature BSS / OSS framework. The upgrade supports Cielux’s ongoing effort to rollout convergent 4G services across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

With Alepo SE, Cielux is able to optimize the delivery of high-speed, 4G data services on its nationwide mobile broadband network, the first and only of its kind in DRC. Cielux will leverage SE’s convergent charging capabilities to create differentiated, tiered services, offering usage-based prepaid and postpaid plans to new and existing residential and business customers.

“Cielux is committed to the advancement of high-speed mobile broadband and keeping pace with the latest technology and developments to exceed the customers’ expectations within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at an affordable price. Thanks to Alepo’s continual innovation and expertise in 4G core infrastructure, we are able to make that commitment a reality,” said Ashwini Kumar Gogoi, Cielux Executive Director, COO & CFO. Gogoi added, “With Alepo SE’s built-in flexibility, we are able to deliver all of INET’s customer-centric service plans to a single device with a single online click, making Alepo SE incredibly user-friendly for business-to-consumer transactions.”

The upgrade to Alepo SE 8.1 furnishes Cielux with advanced capabilities that work to enhance the customer experience. With Alepo SE’s intuitive, web-2.0 Subscriber Portal, customers can access real-time account information, top up and refill accounts via prepaid cards, and more. An automated messaging system allows Cielux to easily send real-time customer notifications and balance alerts via e-mail and SMS. And, the added policy control functionality of Alepo’s PCRF Lite extends the solution to enable Cielux to upgrade or downgrade bandwidth in real time and to hotline users upon expiration or zero balance to a customized captive portal. Most importantly, the upgrade process did not interrupt or jeopardize Cielux’s existing services.

“On an evolutionary path to 4G convergent services, service providers can leverage the advanced capabilities of carrier-grade solutions like Service Enabler that work to enhance the customer experience across legacy and next generation networks and services, seamlessly and cost-effectively,” said Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Alepo is proud to continue to support Cielux as the company seizes new opportunities to advance its network and to distinguish itself through superior customer experience.”

About Cielux Telecom

Founded in 2003, Cielux Telecom is now one of the largest ISP in DRC, combining know-how and technical infrastructure to offer best-in-class products and solutions. In July 2009, Cielux started its operations with triple-play services: Data, VoIP, and Video based on fixed WiMAX technology IEEE802.16d on local loop in 3.5 GHz licensed frequency. With its own VSAT Hubs, ISP, and Microwave license, Cielux was able to set up a carrier-class core network infrastructure across DRC. In July 2012, Cielux launched its high-speed mobile 4G data services based on IEEE802.16e technology in 2.5 GHz licensed frequency in Kinshasa under the brand INET. Cielux is proud to have generated a good customer base, including many renowned corporate customers to date in just 3 months after launch. Cielux will be expanding its operations to all major cities of DRC early next year. This will pave the way for whole DRC to experience the next generation high-speed mobile broadband services.

About Alepo

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Alepo Partners with Banglalion to Bring Multiplay WiMAX Services to Bangladesh

Alepo Partners with Banglalion to Bring Multiplay WiMAX Services to Bangladesh

Austin, TX, July 28, 2010 — Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of BSS/OSS solutions for next generation services, announced today its partnership with Banglalion, Bangladesh’s fastest growing greenfield provider, to provide a fully convergent prepaid/postpaid solution for WiMAX services spanning data, voice and video.

With plans to provide seamless WiMAX coverage to the entire country by 2011, Banglalion has selected Alepo to provide a high-performing, reliable solution, citing the maturity and stability of Alepo.

“In a rapidly expanding marketplace like Bangladesh, there is a clear competitive advantage of partnering with an experienced vendor such as Alepo.” stated Major Abdul Mannan, Chairman of Banglalion Communications. “Our partnership with Alepo guarantees us not only a rapid deployment but also a flexible, scalable solution that will allow us to quickly respond to market changes and serve the growing needs of our customers.”

In selecting Alepo, Banglalion is assured of a solution that is not only feature-rich, but also serves to lower operational expenses by automating service activation and customer care, while also allowing for the rapid introduction of new services without service interruptions.

Alepo will deploy the following proprietary products: Billing and Charging engine, Web Self Care Module, Activation Module, Service Enabler Voice & Video modules, and the Alepo Voucher Management System.

“We look forward to providing a convergent WiMAX solution that will enable Banglalion to increase market share and effortlessly add new services,” stated Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products at Alepo, adding, “The scalable solution will allow Banglalion to become a multiplay provider without costly upgrades or downtime.”

About Banglalion

Banglalion provides broadband internet services to residential and commercial users in Bangladesh using WiMAX technology. As Bangladesh’s newest and fastest growing service provider, BanglaLion is developing WiMAX infrastructure starting in Dhaka and other major cities to eventually bring the whole country under coverage. Services include high-speed internet service, VoIP, Live IPTV, Secured VPN ATM Connectivity, online radio and more.

About Alepo

Alepo is a leading provider of enabling infrastructure for telecommunications service providers. Alepo provides IT systems and IT consulting services for telecommunication companies, enabling them to compete efficiently and realize next generation services’ opportunities.

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TMC Names Alepo Service Enabler 7.0 “Product of the Year”

TMC Names Alepo Service Enabler 7.0 “Product of the Year”

January 25, 2008, Austin, TX — Alepo Technologies Inc., a leading provider of OSS/BSS solutions for next generation services, today announced its Service Enabler 7.0 (SE) platform has received the 2007 Product of the Year Award from Internet Telephony and Customer Interaction Solutions magazine. SE is being recognized for the technological advancements, innovative features and business benefits it contributes to next generation telecommunications service delivery including VoIP and WiMAX.

“The Product of the Year Awards exemplify the best this industry has to offer. With nearly 500 applications this year, the judging process was difficult but the selected winners have demonstrated a commitment to quality and the continued development of the IP telephony industry. These winners deserve this distinction, and I look forward to seeing other innovative solutions from them as they continue to contribute to the future of VoIP and IP telephony,” stated TMC Editorial Director, Greg Galitzine.

“For WiMAX and multi-play providers searching for a solution that grows as quickly as the market, SE offers a complete, convergent billing and customer management system ready to deploy in a matter of days for any new next generation service,” said John Kim, Director of Telecommunications, Alepo Technologies, Inc. “Alepo has real-world experience and dedication in deploying SE under strict deployment timelines while continuing to offer a reliable and scalable solution.”

Service Enabler is a complete convergent revenue management system for next generation services such as data (ISP and Hotspot), voice (VoIP), video (IPTV and video on demand), and now offers NWG/16e compliance for WIMAX deployments. This robust and innovative platform can be deployed either as an end-to-end real-time billing and customer care system, or as an adjunct to legacy billing systems. The capabilities delivered by Service Enabler 7.0 give next generation service providers a powerful and scalable platform to bill and manage multi-play service delivery.

About TMC

Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) publishes two magazines: Customer Inter@ction Solutions, and Internet Telephony, and the online publications,, Planet PDA Magazine, Wi-Fi Revolution, Alternative Power and BiometriTech. TMC is also the first publisher to test new products in its own on-site laboratories, TMC Labs. TMC also produces The VoIP Developer Conference, Speech-World, IP Contact Center Summit and The Global Call Center Outsourcing Summit.

About Alepo SE 7.0

Alepo’s Service Enabler (SE) is a complete convergent revenue management system for next generation services such as data (ISP and Hotspot), voice (VoIP), video (IPTV and video on demand), and now offers NWG/16e compliance for WIMAX deployments. It can be deployed either as an end-to-end real-time billing and customer care system, or as an adjunct to legacy billing systems. Alepo’s truly convergent software solution is designed as a high-performing, highly available solution that minimizes strain on core IT systems, while enabling rapid deployment of new services.

SE 7.0 product features include: Postpaid Billing, Prepaid Billing, Carrier Billing, Vendor Costing, Intelligent Routing, AAA (RADIUS Server included), Activation, Provisioning, Workflow, Mediation, Number Management, IP Address Management, Inventory Management, Voucher Management, Accounts Receivable, Customer Service Management, Agent Web Interface, VNO Web interface, Web Self Care, Self-Activation, Basic Trouble Ticketing, and Advanced Trouble Ticketing.

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