Alepo Authentication, Authorization, Accounting (AAA) Server

Product Brief Overview

Alepo’s industry-leading 5G- and NFV-compliant AAA Server lets operators rapidly create and launch new services. The AAA ensures that operators can support their swiftly growing subscriber base and cater to the ever-increasing demand for data.

Alepo’s AAA is built to optimize the performance of mobile, WiFi, and wireline networks. Its reliable, feature-rich, and highly scalable architecture enables operators to achieve greater network optimization. By boosting network performance and improving customer experience, the AAA Server helps CSPs to drive profitability while remaining relevant.

The number of connected devices continues to surge – a growth that will continue with widespread adoption of 5G and the IoT ecosystem. Networks need a robust and secure AAA to safeguard against errors as well as prevent security breaches. Alepo AAA ensures network security even with dynamically changing network needs. It also acts as a bridge between networks and devices, helping maximize 5G ROI.

Alepo’s virtualized AAA (vAAA) is one of few in the market that can be deployed in any NFV infrastructure (NFVi) environment as per ETSI standards or instances provided by the NFVi vendor, optimizing scalability and resource utilization through orchestration.

Further, Alepo’s proven and scalable integration framework provides provisioning support using an API gateway to seamlessly integrate with third-party and legacy systems. This helps ensure a zero-downtime migration without impacting existing integrations or IT systems.

This product brief details how Alepo’s AAA Transformation can help evolve legacy authentication and policy framework into an advanced next-gen AAA server.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of Alepo’s AAA Server
Among its many features is that the industry-leading platform is 5G-compliant and one of only few in the market that can be deployed in any NFVi environment.

Understand the USPs of the platform
Alepo’s high-performing AAA is an ideal choice to support a constantly increasing and dynamic subscriber base.

Gain comprehensive insights at its features
The platform has several capabilities that enhance its reliability and flexibility, ensuring a superior customer experience. This includes real-time policy management, failover support, noise reduction, support for WiFi calling and offload, and much more.

Learn about the product architecture and technical specs
Get key information such as the performance benchmarks, standards compliance, interfaces, supported deployment models, and more.

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