Alepo’s Distributor Management System

Product Brief Overview

The document explains how Alepo’s Distributor Management enables operators to manage their entire distribution chain, including managing distributors, field force agents, dealers, resellers, and POS.

The system helps simplify, accelerate, and automate distributor operations, facilitates easy management of the entire customer lifecycle, enables multiple POS, and more. Operators can streamline the management of all front-end and backend processes through a unified platform, gain comprehensive business intelligence (BI) insights, and more.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of Alepo Distributor Management
The system helps operators efficiently support a growing customer base

Understand the benefits it enables
Operators can implement digitization, fast-track customer onboarding, expand the scope of their support offerings, efficiently manage partner and field force operations, and much more.

Learn about its features and capabilities
Alepo Distributor Management provides a host of high-value features to enable easy distributor operations, improve various back-office processes, and boost operational efficiency. This includes modules for mPOS, fees and commissions, distributor hierarchy, policy and inventory management, and more.

Discover the USPs of Alepo’s platform
Alepo’s unique and advanced platform equips operators to support business expansion. It provides a virtualized and open architecture to support next-gen use cases. Learn more about its flexibility and ease of use.

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