Alepo’s Telecom Interconnect Billing Platform

Document Overview

Alepo’s Interconnect Billing platform enables telecom service providers to charge other operators for use of their network infrastructure (voice, data, SMS, and more). This product brief details how it ensures efficient network monetization by supporting advanced partnership models, dynamic partner relationships, complex reconciliation and settlement scenarios, changing interconnect rates, high volumes of CDRs, and more.

Key Takeaways
  • Gain insights into the role of interconnect partnerships in today’s competitive telecom marketplace
  • Learn about the benefits of Alepo’s Interconnect Billing platform, such as streamlined management, prevention of revenue leaks, automated reconciliation, and more
  • Understand the features of the platform, including diverse partnership models, advanced agreements, a robust rating engine, detailed BI insights, and more
  • Discover the modules of the Alepo’s Interconnect Billing solution
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