Alepo’s Billing Mediation System for Telecom Operators

Product Brief Overview

The Alepo Billing Mediation System is an enterprise-grade tool with a drag-and-drop user interface that makes it easy to design streaming data workflows. The convergent platform provides the ability to filter, correlate, merge, and normalize CDRs and distribute them to downstream systems.

This product brief details the comprehensive features of Alepo’s Mediation System that help telecom service providers gain useful business insights from large volumes of processed data and devise new monetization strategies.

Key Takeaways

Learn about Alepo’s Mediation System
The platform can be deployed in the cloud, supports diverse use cases, ensures high performance and security, and provides real-time alerts and monitoring.

Discover the platform’s business benefits
The enterprise-grade tool simplifies the creation of workflows, efficiently processes and distributes data, provides comprehensive insights, lowers operational costs, and more.

Explore the product features
The Alepo Mediation System includes a host of features that help give complete business visibility, streamline data processing, and simplify streaming operations.

Understand the unique selling points
Alepo’s Mediation System provides features and architecture that give it a competitive advantage in the telecom market.

Discover the modules of Alepo’s Mediation System
The system includes a predefined module library that lets operators access a wide variety of data collectors, destinations, and processors that enable workflows to deliver ready-to-use data to downstream systems.

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