Telecom Niue launches 4G LTE service using Alepo and Blue Arcus’s solution

Case Study Overview

Leading communications service provider Telecom Niue decided to launch its 4G LTE network as part of a government initiative to transform telecommunications on the island nation. The state-owned operator needed a network transformation to replace its legacy system so it could support the new service. Telecom Niue launched LTE services using Blue Arcus’s network expertise and Alepo’s 4G LTE solution, which includes a 5G-ready Digital Business Support System (BSS) and unified convergent billing platform.

This case study provides insights into the project and its outcomes, including how more than 50% of the island’s population was onboarded shortly after deployment.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
In addition to a Digital BSS transformation, the operator wanted to migrate its PSTN and ADSL subscribers from the legacy system to Alepo’s platform.

Learn about the operator’s network transformation requirements
As part of the launch of its 4G LTE network, Telecom Niue wanted Alepo to provide a convergent billing solution for all its networks, deploy a PCRF, enable advanced monetization, enhance CX, and more.

Get an overview of Alepo’s solution
Alepo completed the project within two months, facilitating Telecom Niue in launching its new 4G LTE network. The solution enabled Telecom Niue to provide superior subscriber experience with high-speed 4G services, competitive plans and offerings, digital self-care, online payments, and more.

Know what business use cases the solution supports
Telecom Niue was able to implement monthly data plans with rollover, pay-as-you-go offerings, data passes, and more.

Learn more about the solution’s unique features and the capabilities it provides
Alepo seamlessly migrated all Telecom Niue services to its convergent platform with no downtime or disruptions. The solution digitized self-care to empower customers, enabled secure payments, and more.

Gain insights into the project outcomes and the benefits it affords the operator
The project has empowered Telecom Nieu to swiftly create and launch services, boosted CX to encourage swift 4G adoption, enabled significant reductions in operational expenses, and more.

4G LTE services
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