The Role of Private 5G in IR4

Solution Brief Overview

Private 5G equips enterprises with a secure and dedicated 5G network, letting them deploy a host of modern and innovative IR4 use cases. It ensures that they can safeguard their critical processes and streamline operations. More and more industries today are embracing digitization, and private 5G will enable them to revolutionize their businesses like never before.

This solution brief provides a detailed look at the private 5G market. It explains how operators can drive swift 5G ROI by deploying private 5G networks for their enterprise clients, the IR4 use cases they can support, business benefits, and much more.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of 5G and the potential of private networks
Private 5G will empower enterprises with better speed, latency, bandwidth, and throughput capabilities as well as a wireless network. This opens a world of opportunities for IR4 use cases across industries such as manufacturing, transport, entertainment, healthcare, and much more.

Discover the business benefits of private 5G for service providers
From supporting a diverse partner ecosystem to optimizing network resources, private 5G is one of the most lucrative ways for service providers to drive 5G ROI.

Understand how private 5G is implemented and the IR4 applications it supports
Enterprises can either deploy their own infrastructure or acquire it from telecom operators who have domain expertise. Private 5G networks can be customized depending on each requirement, from manufacturing plants and mining facilities to malls and private campuses.

Learn how Alepo’s Converged Core enables private 5G
The self-contained solution facilitates an end-to-end private 5G network that supports enterprise and industrial use cases for a small number of subscribers.

Get to know the benefits of the solution
Alepo’s Converged Core is a plug-and-play solution that ensures a swift and seamless launch. It provides one of the lowest resource footprints in the industry. It has a host of advanced features and capabilities, such as support PNI-NPNs and SNPNs, a centralized core for multi-tenancy, and more.

Learn about the solution components
It provides Subscriber Data Management (SDM), Authentication Function (AUSF), Unified Data Management (UDM) + Home Subscriber Server (HSS), Unified Data Repository (UDR), converged Policy Control (PCF + PCRF), and more. It also includes web-based portals.

Gain insights into its features and capabilities
The solution enables innovative use cases, provides an agile and wireless network, bolsters security to support high volumes of I-IoT devices, and more.

Know more about the different deployment modes it offers
The solution can be deployed locally, on public cloud, as 4G+5G combo, and more, depending on different requirements.

Role of Private 5G
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