Transforming the Telecommunications Landscape in the Pacific Islands

Whitepaper Overview

The Pacific Islands hold immense potential for the modernization of telco services. Telcos in the region, however, face certain challenges, such as geographically dispersed populations, low penetration, and more. To succeed, they must cater to diverse needs, provide end-to-end digital engagement, and support a wide range of access technologies like fixed-line, mobile, and WiFi.

Alepo plays a continuing transformative role in helping Pacific communications service providers (CSPs) bridge the digital divide. With around two decades of successful deployments, we empower CSPs to accelerate network data innovations while maintaining a high ROI.

This regional perspective highlights Alepo’s growing presence in the Pacific telecommunications market and offers insight into how to tackle key challenges unique to the region.

Key Takeaways

Gain insights into the telecommunications industry in the Pacific Islands
4G services continue to grow in the region, and it is expected that 5G will play a relatively small but important role. Operators need to tackle challenges such as a sharp digital divide within and between populations.

Know details of Alepo’s presence in the region
Alepo’s modular, open, and virtualized solutions enable operators of all sizes to deliver modern and advanced solutions. This includes greenfield as well as incumbent operators.

Read Alepo’s Pacific success stories
Alepo’s solutions have facilitated transformation at leading operators in the region. Read the case study of the Marshall Islands, Telecom Niue, Tuvalu Telecommunications Corporation, and Digicel to understand how Alepo has helped the operators drive revenue, reduce costs, increase their subscriber base, and more.

Learn more about Alepo’s solutions that are deployed in the Pacific
CSPs in the region continue to benefit from a host of Alepo’s convergent offerings, including Digital BSS Transformation, Carrier WiFi, LTE Enablement, Data Charging, AAA Transformation, Mobile Financial Services, and 5G Core.

Transforming the Telecommunications Landscape in the Pacific Islands
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