Alepo VoLTE: The Next Generation Voice Solution

Solution Brief Overview

Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is equally beneficial for mobile operators and subscribers. However, enabling it can be challenging, as LTE does not natively support the circuit-switched protocol and operators need to ensure that their network handles call compatibility. Alepo’s VoLTE solution helps them address these challenges.

This solution brief details how Alepo’s VoLTE solution ensures that voice calls are seamlessly handed off between LTE and legacy networks while helping communications service providers (CSPs) maximize returns.

Key Takeaways

Gain insights into the VoLTE market
Get a background on how it’s helped operators around the world drive business success, swiftly deriving ROI and boosting customer experience.

Understand the benefits VoLTE offers to subscribers as well as operators
For subscribers, it improves call quality, provides a new range of services, promises faster connections, improves battery life, ensures seamless handover, and is compatible with most devices. For operators, it’s cost-effective, easy to use, frees up spectrum, counters the threat from OTT services, and more.

Learn about the features and capabilities of Alepo’s VoLTE solution
Alepo’s 3GPP -compliant VoLTE solution is built so that the core control-plane network components like the HSS, PCRF, and OCS can easily support VoLTE services. It provides high reliability, scalability, global roaming support, interoperability, and more.

Know more about VoLTE use cases
This includes guaranteed QoS, differential metering for VoLTE and LTE data services, audio and video conferencing, call continuity, emergency call handling, and more.

VoLTE solution
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