Webinar: Subscriber Data Management (SDM) For 5G Core

Webinar Overview

As operators transition from their legacy Evolved Packet Core (EPC) to cloud-native and service-based 5G standalone architecture, the 5G Core market is poised to grow significantly over the next few years. At the heart of the 5G Core is Subscriber Data Management (SDM), facilitating a swift and easy transition to 5G. It enables high-value next-gen use cases and supporting 4G/5G interworking.

In this webinar, Alepo’s expert panelists – President Derrick Gross, VP-Solution Architecture Sandeep Kalekar, and VP-Product Management Rajesh Mhapankar – discuss how SDM helps manage the network upgrade path.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the 5G Core market
The 5G core market is gaining traction for a number of reasons, such as its service-based and cloud-native architecture, disruptive and innovative network paradigms, and more.

Gain insights on the ROI opportunities presented by 5GC
From network slicing and private networks to partnerships and fixed wireless services, get an in-depth understanding of which 5GC use cases will offer the highest ROI potential over the next few years and why.

Learn more about SDM
Alepo’s Subscriber Data Management Solution provides a centralized data repository for 4G and 5G services, simplifies data management, and more. Understand the role of SDM in the 5G Core.

Understand the components of Alepo SDM
The solution includes enables unified subscriber access management with Authentication Server Function (AuSF), Unified Data Management (UDM), Unified Data Repository (UDR), Home Subscriber Server (HSS), and a web-based SDM Portal. Get to know how each component works and the functions it provides.

Learn about the USPs of Alepo SDM
Alepo’s 3GPP-compliant solution has one of the lowest resource footprints in the industry, provides a high-performance database, and more. Get to know how it works and what customer segments it supports.

View a demo of Alepo Subscriber Data Management
Get a detailed walkthrough of Alepo’s easy-to-use platform.

Watch the Q&A session
Alepo’s experts address frequently asked questions about the solution.

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