Webinar: Subscriber Data Management (SDM) For 5G Core

Webinar Overview

At the heart of the 5G Core, Subscriber Data Management (SDM) facilitates a swift and easy transition to 5G, enabling high-value next-gen use cases and supporting 4G/5G interworking. In this webinar, Alepo’s expert panelists – President Derrick Gross, VP-Solution Architecture Sandeep Kalekar, and VP-Product Management Rajesh Mhapankar – discuss how it helps manage the network upgrade path. 

Key Takeaways
  • Gain insights on the 5G Core market and the ROI opportunities it presents
  • Understand the role of SDM in the 5G Core
  • Learn how SDM works and what customer segments it supports
  • View a demo of Alepo SDM
  • Watch the experts address common questions about the solution
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