Webinar: Deliver Digital-First CX using Zero-Touch Networks

Webinar Overview

This webinar talks you through the essentials of building zero-touch networks and introducing an all-digital brand with no physical touchpoints.

Increasingly, customers are choosing digital touchpoints to interact with their service providers instead of visiting physical stores. Zero-touch networks enable operators to take all customer interactions online, through a website or mobile app using automation and AI chatbots. They also automate back-end processes, eliminating the need for physical infrastructure while digitizing CX.

The zero-touch network strategy overcomes the constraints of physical infrastructure, resulting in significant reductions in the time, money, and resources operators need to invest.

Operating in the cloud, the low-footprint infrastructure is exponentially easier to maintain than the IT systems, call centers, and physical stores required by traditional networks.

In addition, operators have the potential to collect and analyze data at every single touchpoint, ensuring they alter their business strategy and optimize their resources based on customer demand and usage patterns.

Key Takeaways

Understand the key drivers for zero-touch adoption
Some drivers include the cultural shift towards more digital lifestyles, technological advancements, and higher profits with lower investments.

Learn about the business goals enabled by the zero-touch network strategy
Automate processes, digitize CX, introduce new business models for next-gen networks while supporting legacy ones, and more.

Get to know about real-life examples
Traditional service providers around the globe are introducing all-digital mobile brands. Know more about the different approaches they’re employing and the modern services they have launched.

See how Alepo’s Zero-Touch Network Solution works
Alepo’s solution facilitates all MNOs meet diverse objectives, from digitizing existing networks to launching a new fully digital brand. Its key CX- and operations-enhancing components include customer-centric offers, omnichannel self-care along with chatbot support, community forums, customer value management, process automation, heatmaps and funnel reports, and much more.

View a live solution demo
A step-by-step walkthrough of Alepo’s Zero-Touch Network Solution, demonstrating how it works and the capabilities it enables.

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