What’s Driving BSS Transformation for Leading CSPs?

White Paper Overview

Rapid digitalization of services and the increasing threat from OTT players force CSPs to rethink their BSS architectures, necessitating them to be more sensitive to market demands and deliver a customer-centric experience.

This white paper explains how the transformation of business support systems (BSS) provides CSPs a competitive edge and enables them to capitalize on BSS opportunities as they arise.

Key Takeaways

Understand the evolving telecom landscape and expectations from modern CSPs
As digital penetration and smartphone use increases, customers have a growing list of digital needs that they want fulfilled in real-time. CSPs need to rethink and re-bundle their services to create a better digital experience.

Learn the key business drivers that push CSPs to undergo BSS transformation
A modern and robust BSS enables operators to ensure swift time-to-market, boost operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and reduce costs.

Know how Alepo’s BSS Transformation solution helps CSPs
It enables them to streamline business processes, launch advanced and competitive data plans, and drive revenue.

Discover how Alepo’s BSS transformation helped a major Central African CSP modernize its mobile network
The transformation increased revenue, reduced churn, enabled the operator to deliver personalized digital CX, and more.

BSS Transformation for CSPs
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