Become digital-first with Alepo Zero-Touch Network Solution

Solution Brief Overview

Networks around the world are becoming increasingly digitalized to support evolving market needs, but how can CSPs ensure profitability? The newest emerging trend in digitalization is the evolution to zero-touch networks.

Zero-touch networks help operators overcome the limitations of physical infrastructure. With no complex systems to manage, they help save resources and spending. Process automation helps prevent revenue leaks caused by manual interference. More advanced business models help support and monetize fully digital services, helping deliver digital-first CX. Real-time BI insights leverage data to help drive business success. Plus, an all-digital mobile service brand minimizes the need for physical stores and takes all customer interactions online.

This solution brief details how Alepo’s Zero-Touch Network Solution equips to enable incumbent and greenfield MNOs to launch innovative digital-only offerings, driving profitability as they revolutionize CX.

Key Takeaways

Understand the key drivers for zero-touch
More digital lifestyles have meant customers expect more digitized interactions from their service providers. Operators are responding to this demand by reimagining CX.

Learn how zero-touch networks operate
Digitizing the entire customer journey and all touchpoints helps enhance the customer experience.

Get an overview of Alepo’s solution
Alepo’s Zero-Touch Network Solution takes a digital-first approach to enable incumbent and greenfield CSPs to launch fully digital businesses. The next-gen solution has a low physical resource footprint, automates processes, and leverages data to enable operators to provide personalized and contextual offerings.

Discover the capabilities and USPs of the solution
Alepo’s centralized and convergent offering is a one-stop-shop for operators launching zero-touch networks as well as those modernizing their networks. It includes modules for customer value management, advanced analytics, unified product catalog, lead management, and more.

Know more about its benefits
Operators can accelerate time-to-market, attract a new and younger clientele, ensure faster lead generation, lower costs, drive revenue, and more.

Read an in-depth case study
Alepo brings unparalleled expertise in enabling zero-touch network services and maximizing revenue. Recently, Alepo’s Zero-Touch Network Solution facilitated a tier-1 North American operator to launch a fully digital mobile service brand within just six months. Read their success story.

Zero-Touch Network Solution
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