Convergent Mediation System

Alepo Mediation System has the power to filter, correlate, merge, and normalize data and distribute it to traditional downstream consumers and advanced analytical systems. Deploy on-premise or on the cloud, with support for a wide variety of mediation use cases, unparalleled performance and security, and real-time alerts.

Gain Complete Visibility

Seamlessly manage workflows

Alepo Mediation System performs data transformation through workflow management, portrays the flow of data from the collector to distribution systems, and defines how to transform data successively. The system makes it easier for the operator to create customized workflows and process data based on business requirements. The built-in module library helps create a workflow that provides access to a wide range of data collectors, processors, and target systems, delivering ready-to-use data to downstream systems.

Improve transparency

Workflow management provides a comprehensive interface to manage all system configurations and drag-and-drop GUIs simplify configuration. The Alepo Mediation System enables data visualization across the workflow, providing greater transparency in data processing and minimizes errors.

Process errors in real-time

Errors are captured and reprocessed in the workflow. The seamless configuration of error rules, along with numerous error-handling scenarios in the billing mediation system, facilitates rapid preventive action.

Analyze in-depth statistics

The Alepo Mediation System performs comprehensive statistical analysis and generates real-time reports to monitor the data flow in the entire mediation process, ensuring that no records or files are lost.


Gain Complete Visibility with Mediation System
Streamline Data Processing with Mediation System

Streamline Data Processing

Handle online mediation complexities

After data collection from source systems, data enrichment is the next module in the workflow where process transformation takes place. Alepo Mediation System consists of diverse functional processors to handle a wide range of offline and online mediation complexities to replace custom language-based development.

Support varied business logics

Alepo Mediation System improves the operator’s processing capabilities and helps apply the right business logic for different downstream applications. The system enriches, processes, and transforms data by supporting different business logic such as encoding and decoding, conversion, field modifiers, normalization, merging, duplication check, and more.

Use predefined modules

The predefined library of data-processing modules reduces overheads and enhances the mediation system’s efficiency. It effectively collects large volumes of data from multiple network sources and distributes it to various downstream systems. This innovative billing system transfers accurate information between the various network elements and downstream components, preventing revenue leakage.





Simplify Streaming Operations

Support all protocols

The Alepo Mediation System facilitates the rapid addition of all vendor- and industry-specific standard protocols for the collection and distribution of CDRs. With the ability to support various communication protocols (FTP, SFTP, TAM, TCP/IP, web services), the convergent billing mediation system consistently performs data collection from wireline, wireless, IP, and VoIP networks, ensuring high performance and secure operations. Supporting multiple protocols and data formats simultaneously makes the system robust and capable of enduring multiple engagements in tandem.

Ease integrations

Seamless and easy integration with legacy systems helps service providers unify operations and optimize network architecture. A vendor and network agnostic approach ensures project success in new 5G networks with IOT devices and their data pipelines can be converged and transformed.

Reduce operational expenses

3GPP standard-compliant architecture enables smooth communication between business support systems (BSS). Integration with multiple legacy systems using a predefined module library and automated workflows lowers operating costs. Alepo Mediation System is compatible with the APIs needed for transformation projects such as IT remodeling, facilitating rapid and seamless transformation by modifying the APIs of newly deployed components to the operator’s current format. This helps lower operating costs and ensure zero impact on existing IT infrastructure.


Mediation System Simplifies Streaming Operations

Flexible Deployment Models











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News Releases

National Telecommunications Authority (NTA) Marshall Islands partnered with Alepo for its large-scale IT transformation project. NTA implemented Alepo’s fully convergent BSS platform for a unified billing and charging solution, along with its mediation system, for its new 4G LTE and WiFi services and existing 2G, PSTN, ADSL, and IPTV services. The deployment was aimed at helping NTA gain the ability to quickly launch services and digitalize the customer experience. Read the news release.

Telecom Niue experienced wide adoption of its LTE/4G services immediately after launch. In fact, within the first month, the operator onboarded more than 50% of the island’s population. Alepo’s complete Digital BSS suite, including mediation, and Blue Arcus’s expertise helped deliver new services such as 4G speeds, VoLTE calls, digitized bill payments to residents and tourists. Read the news release.

Case Studies

NTA Marshall Islands evolved from its legacy 2G GSM network to a 4G LTE and WiFi network, using Alepo’s Digital BSS platform including mediation and a convergent billing and charging platform. The unified Alepo platform offered greater flexibility to launch innovative personalized services, policy-driven offers for all types of subscribers, increasing ARPU by 70%, and total revenue by 50% within just two months of deployment. The operator was also able to smoothly migrate its existing 2G, PSTN, ADSL, and IPTV subscribers. Read the case study

Telecom Niue wanted to support the Niue government’s plan to transform telecommunications on the island. As part of the transformation, the operator partnered with Alepo and Blue Arcus to launch 4G LTE services to deliver high-speed internet connectivity to its regular subscribers and casual users. Within a short span of time, its network coverage increased by 100%, and the operator onboarded more than half of the island’s population. Read the case study


5G promises massive innovation, and operators must cater to rising expectations to deliver digitally-advanced customer experience, launch personalized and targeted offers, maintain a large pool of partners, and facilitate instant support for customer inquiries. To meet these demands, they must implement a fool-proof and effective digital BSS strategy with a modern mediation system, ensuring they capitalize on monetization opportunities as the network evolves. Read the blog Top 7 benefits digital BSS delivers, now and in 5G to learn the importance of a comprehensive digital BSS.

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