Convergent Billing Mediation System

Mediation System

Convergent Mediation System

Alepo Convergent Billing Mediation System has the power to filter, correlate, merge, and normalize data and distribute it to traditional downstream consumers and advanced analytical systems. Deploy on-premise or on the cloud, with support for a wide variety of billing mediation use cases, unparalleled performance and security, and real-time alerts.

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What is telecom billing mediation?

Telecom convergent billing mediation platform simplifies efficient rating and billing by helping process, transform, and distribute data for various downstream sources such as consumers and analytics systems. Effective mediation in telecom plays a crucial role in improving revenue and reducing operational costs. A robust mediation billing system also streamlines operations with automated workflows, configurable error-processing rules, advanced reporting and data analytics, and more.

What is a BSS mediation System?

A convergent billing mediation system helps telcos manage the processing and distribution of data for rating and billing. Convergent Mediation System in telecom enables service providers to create and manage custom workflows, ensure transparency in data processing, and configure rules to minimize and process errors in real-time, handle the complexities of online mediation, support various business logics, and more. A mediation system in telecom also provides in-depth analytics and real-time reports of data flow.

Mediation Billing System

Gain Complete Visibility

Alepo Mediation System seamlessly manages workflows, portrays the flow of data from the collector to distribution systems, and defines how to transform data. An industry-leading billing mediation system in telecom, its module library simplifies custom workflow creation, provides access to various data collectors, processors, and target systems, and delivers ready-to-use data to downstream systems.

The telecom Convergent billing mediation system enables data visualization across the workflow, providing greater transparency in data processing and minimizing errors. Its comprehensive interface and drag-and-drop GUIs simplify system configuration.

The Convergent Mediation System provides easily configurable error rules and numerous error-handling scenarios ensure rapid preventive action, It captures and reprocesses workflow errors in real time. It provides comprehensive statistical analysis, and generates real-time reports to monitor the data flow, ensuring no records are lost.

Streamline Data Processing

The billing mediation system enriches, processes and transforms data by supporting different business logics such as encoding and decoding, conversion, field modifiers, normalization, merging, duplication check and more. It applies the correct business logic for different downstream applications and improves the operator’s processing capabilities.

The data enrichment module of the convergent mediation billing platform comprises diverse functional processors to handle a wide range of offline and online mediation complexities that replace custom language-based development.

Alepo’s telecom mediation billing provides a predefined library of data-processing modules that reduce overheads and enhance the telecom mediation system’s efficiency. It collects large volumes of data from multiple network sources and distributes it to various downstream systems. The mediation billing system’s accuracy helps prevent revenue leakage.

Convergent Mediation Platform
mediation system in telecom

Simplify Streaming Operations

The convergent billing mediation platform facilitates the rapid addition of all vendor- and industry-specific standard protocols for the collection and distribution of CDRs. With support for various communication protocols (FTP, SFTP, TAM, TCP/IP, web services), it consistently collects data from wireline, wireless, IP, and VoIP networks.

The BSS mediation platform quickly and seamlessly integrates with legacy systems, unifying operations and optimizing network architecture. A vendor- and network-agnostic approach ensures project success in new 5G networks with IoT devices, and their data pipelines can be converged and transformed.

As one of the industry’s leading billing mediation vendors, Alepo ensures that its Convergent Mediation Billing Platform lowers operational costs and ensures zero impact on existing IT infrastructure. Its 3GPP standard-compliant architecture enables smooth communication between business support systems (BSS). Alepo’s BSS mediation platform integrates with multiple legacy systems using a predefined module library and automated workflows. The convergent mediation platform’s API-compatibility facilitates rapid and seamless transformation projects, modifying the APIs of newly deployed components to the operator’s existing format.

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