Tishknet streamlines LTE operations with Alepo’s converged core network solution

Case Study Overview

Tishknet, Kurdistan’s most prominent internet service provider, partnered with Alepo to introduce a high-speed LTE network alongside its existing WiMAX services. At the same time, the operator also decided to replace its WiMAX AAA and billing infrastructure to implement advanced features and improve vendor support.

This case study details how Alepo’s core network solution for LTE + WiMAX convergence enabled Tishknet Iraq to boost operational efficiency by 30%. The operator was able to reduce CAPEX by 4% and OPEX by 6%, while offering a unique and efficient customer experience across its next-gen data networks.

Key Takeaways

Understand the project background
Internet penetration is relatively low in Kurdistan, but telecom is among the fastest-growing economic sectors in the region, especially catering to young customers who want faster and more personalized services. Tishknet wanted to seize this opportunity.

Get to know more about Tishknet’s requirements
The operator faced the challenge of completing the major network evolution while maintaining its legacy services. It wanted a unified network architecture to support new 4G LTE services as well as significantly reduce CAPEX and OPEX.

Know the components of Alepo’s solution for the operator
Alepo helped implement a convergent solution to meet all the operator’s requirements, ensuring rapid deployment. It included convergent charging and policy control, CRM, AAA, professional services including data migration, and more.

Learn about the features and capabilities of the solution
Alepo’s solution helped Tishknet launch a new LTE network, migrating all WiMAX subscribers to Alepo’s platform. It provided a fully convergent architecture for smooth network evolution, unified subscriber data management, and more.

Understand the project outcomes
Tishknet enjoyed many successful outcomes and benefits with the project, which helped claim its position as a dominant service provider. This included achieving a 30% boost in operational efficiency, reducing costs, delivering a sophisticated and unique brand experience, and more.

LTE core network solution
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