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Generative AI

Unlock transformative telecom experiences with Alepo’s Generative AI, revolutionizing customer engagement, streamlining operations, and deriving actionable insights with

BSS Transformation

Alepo facilitates network digital transformation with its 5G- and NFV-compliant Digital BSS. It helps future-proof businesses, enabling to rapidly respond to evolving market needs.

5G Core Network Solutions

5G transforms the role of the mobile operator, opening new opportunities to forge cross-industry partnerships to launch diverse services as well as to build private enterprise networks.

AAA Transformation

Alepo’s holistic AAA Transformation enables operators to evolve their AAA and policy framework to optimize the performance of WiFi, FTTx, 5G, and other IP-based broadband networks.

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Digital BSS

The 5G- and NFV-compliant Digital BSS provides a single convergent platform that enables telecom operators to rapidly deliver, monetize, and manage modern, advanced, and innovative communications services. Icon

A generative AI chatbots platform designed for telcos to boost customer service and productivity. offers three innovative products: AI Virtual Agent, AI Agent Assist, and AI Workplace Bots.

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AAA Server

Alepo’s AAA Server lets operators optimize wireline, WiFi, and 3GPP mobile network performance. It supports ever-increasing bandwidth demands and enables innovative and differentiated services.

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Resource Library

A collection of collateral providing insights into Alepo’s capabilities, products and solutions, projects, and more.

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Success Stories

Case studies detailing how Alepo’s solutions have helped leading operators around the globe steer operational and business success.

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White Papers

Insights from our domain experts on the latest telecom solutions, industry trends, regional perspectives, deployment strategies, and more.

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The latest news on Alepo’s recent and upcoming projects, company announcements, successes, and more.


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Tips, insights, and forecasts on everything from new network technologies and solutions to monetization and management.

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Company Brochure

Everything you need to know about Alepo, including product and solution specifications, success stories, client testimonials, and more.

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Alepo is the go-to technology partner for service providers around the world. Having facilitated numerous digital transformation journeys, Alepo has an unrivaled track record in helping operators overcome challenges and unleash the full potential of their networks. Here are some recent publications to help you understand more about Alepo’s products and solutions. To read more content, visit the Resource Library.

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June 05, 2024 | 16:00 – 17:00 BST

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