Alepo’s 5G Core Network Solution

Flyer Overview

Alepo is at the forefront of 5G implementation around the globe, helping transform how mobile networks are managed, monetized, and extended. Alepo’s 5G Core (5GC) Network Solution offers key 5GC components that enable the rapid launch of 5G use cases. It also facilitates the deployment of private enterprise networks for diverse industry verticals.

The low-footprint, cloud-native, and containerized solution includes SDM (AUSF, UDM+HSS, UDR) and converged policy control (PCF+PCRF). It can be deployed at the edge as a one-box solution.

Along with 5G, Alepo’s solution supports the unified management of 4G (EPC, IMS), C-IoT, and non-3GPP networks like WiFi. This means operators can shift to a fully virtualized service-based environment using a single solution to support both LTE and 5G. Its secure, flexible, modular, and scalable microservice-based architectural framework and 3GPP standards-compliant network functions let operators upgrade to 5G without disrupting their existing services.

By deploying in the cloud, CSPs of all sizes can swiftly introduce 5G capabilities and scale when needed to support their growing networks.

This flyer details how the Alepo’s 5G Core Network Solution facilitates a smooth and seamless transition to 5G.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of Alepo’s Converged Core Solution
The solution lets you implement subscription services, let users securely connect to services, and manage policy and charging.

Learn about the capabilities of its 5GC network functions
With its 5G Service-Based Architecture (SBA), Alepo’s solution supports multiple deployment types, including 4G+5G combo, 5G NSA, and 5G SA. Understand the role of each 5G core network function, including AUSF (Authentication Server Function), UDM+HSS (Unified Data Management + Home Subscriber Server), PCF+PCRF (Policy Control Function + Policy Control Rules Function) combo, UDR (Unified Data Repository), EIR (Equipment Identity Register), NEF (Network Exposure Function), CHF (Charging Function), web-based portals, a rich library of open APIs for external CRM and IT systems, and more.

Gain insights into how it enables 5G transformation
Alepo’s 5G Core Solution facilitates operators to modernize their networks, enabling them to seamlessly migrate their services and make a hassle-free transition to 5G.

Get to know more about its architecture
The solution’s cloud-native microservice architecture supports deployment in public, private, and hybrid cloud, as well as on the local data center. It also supports containerized and VNF-based deployments.

Understand its business benefits
Unlock new revenue streams, reduce costs, seize new partnership opportunities, and more.

Discover the advantages of partnering with Alepo
Alepo provides unmatched expertise in digital transformation and is equipped with future-ready capabilities.

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