Celsia Colombia modernizes its broadband network using Alepo’s AAA Transformation

Case Study Overview

Celsia is a renewable energy company owned by Grupo Argos as well as a leading broadband service provider in Colombia, providing residential and enterprise internet services.

Celsia wanted to improve the performance of its fiber broadband network in Valle and Tolima to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality residential internet. Celsia desired to deploy a high-performance and scalable AAA server like Alepo’s to deliver a sophisticated and consistent customer experience while streamlining network and account management operations.

This AAA transformation case study explains how Alepo’s broadband AAA helped Celsia in introducing advanced and innovative data plans in half the time after deployment.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
Celsia wanted to modernize its broadband infrastructure and bolster the network performance by implementing a robust AAA platform.

Understand the operator’s requirements
Celsia wanted Alepo to deploy a Broadband AAA platform to improve network performance scalability, and availability, as well as to help in the introduction of automations and innovative plans with high QoS, and to enable them to reduce operational costs and network issues.

Know the solution components and use cases that were deployed
As part of Alepo’s AAA Transformation, the key components deployed were AAA Server, AAA EMS, DHCP Server, IPAM, and others. Some of the use cases introduced included unlimited and speed-based data plans and advanced analytics.

Discover the highlights of Alepo’s solution
Alepo deployed its market-leading cloud-native Broadband AAA, removing Celsia’s physical growth constraints and providing maximum scalability to handle the increasing traffic. The introduced automations helped the operator in automated network management and streamlined customer operations.

Gain insight into the project outcomes
Soon after deployment, the automations, quick configurations, and flexible plan creation reduced service provisioning, plan change duration, and operational costs by 50%.

broadband AAA transformation
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