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Cielux Partners with Alepo to Roll Out a 4G Customer Experience in Africa

Austin, TX, October 10, 2012 – Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT solutions for next telecommunications service providers, announced today that its longstanding customer, Cielux Telecom, has successfully upgraded to Alepo Service Enabler (SE) 8.1, the latest version of Alepo’s signature BSS / OSS framework. The upgrade supports Cielux’s ongoing effort to rollout convergent 4G services across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

With Alepo SE, Cielux is able to optimize the delivery of high-speed, 4G data services on its nationwide mobile broadband network, the first and only of its kind in DRC. Cielux will leverage SE’s convergent charging capabilities to create differentiated, tiered services, offering usage-based prepaid and postpaid plans to new and existing residential and business customers.

“Cielux is committed to the advancement of high-speed mobile broadband and keeping pace with the latest technology and developments to exceed the customers’ expectations within the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) at an affordable price. Thanks to Alepo’s continual innovation and expertise in 4G core infrastructure, we are able to make that commitment a reality,” said Ashwini Kumar Gogoi, Cielux Executive Director, COO & CFO. Gogoi added, “With Alepo SE’s built-in flexibility, we are able to deliver all of INET’s customer-centric service plans to a single device with a single online click, making Alepo SE incredibly user-friendly for business-to-consumer transactions.”

The upgrade to Alepo SE 8.1 furnishes Cielux with advanced capabilities that work to enhance the customer experience. With Alepo SE’s intuitive, web-2.0 Subscriber Portal, customers can access real-time account information, top up and refill accounts via prepaid cards, and more. An automated messaging system allows Cielux to easily send real-time customer notifications and balance alerts via e-mail and SMS. And, the added policy control functionality of Alepo’s PCRF Lite extends the solution to enable Cielux to upgrade or downgrade bandwidth in real time and to hotline users upon expiration or zero balance to a customized captive portal. Most importantly, the upgrade process did not interrupt or jeopardize Cielux’s existing services.

“On an evolutionary path to 4G convergent services, service providers can leverage the advanced capabilities of carrier-grade solutions like Service Enabler that work to enhance the customer experience across legacy and next generation networks and services, seamlessly and cost-effectively,” said Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Alepo is proud to continue to support Cielux as the company seizes new opportunities to advance its network and to distinguish itself through superior customer experience.”

About Cielux Telecom

Founded in 2003, Cielux Telecom is now one of the largest ISP in DRC, combining know-how and technical infrastructure to offer best-in-class products and solutions. In July 2009, Cielux started its operations with triple-play services: Data, VoIP, and Video based on fixed WiMAX technology IEEE802.16d on local loop in 3.5 GHz licensed frequency. With its own VSAT Hubs, ISP, and Microwave license, Cielux was able to set up a carrier-class core network infrastructure across DRC. In July 2012, Cielux launched its high-speed mobile 4G data services based on IEEE802.16e technology in 2.5 GHz licensed frequency in Kinshasa under the brand INET. Cielux is proud to have generated a good customer base, including many renowned corporate customers to date in just 3 months after launch. Cielux will be expanding its operations to all major cities of DRC early next year. This will pave the way for whole DRC to experience the next generation high-speed mobile broadband services.

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Alepo AAA Server Selected to Launch 4G Wireless Broadband in Angola

Angola Communications Systems (ACS), a subsidiary of MSTelcom, plans to launch a 4G wireless broadband network using Alepo’s 16e AAA Server for comprehensive session, policy and subscriber management.

December 7, 2011, Austin, TX — Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today that Angola Communications Systems (ACS), a Business Unit of MSTelcom, has selected Alepo’s 16e AAA Server to support 4G wireless broadband services in Angola.

Alepo’s 16e AAA server performs comprehensive quota-based session management and centralized subscriber identity management across multiple next generation services and devices. It will also enable ACS to create and deliver multiple, granular Quality of Service (QoS) profiles for the operator’s various customer segments, including corporate, municipal and residential subscribers.

“We needed a proven and reliable solution to be able to deliver a wide range of mobile broadband services to our growing customer base,” said Carlos Carvalho Chief Technology Officer of ACS. “With its robust and advanced features, Alepo’s 16e AAA Server has exceeded our expectations.”

In addition to standard AAA functions, Alepo’s 16e AAA Server also provides unique features such as self-healing from system failures, centralized key management, identity correlation, IP Address Management (both dynamic and static), session caching, and session hierarchies. Alepo’s 16e AAA Server is also vendor neutral, allowing ACS to build a network made of best-of-breed networks, lowering cost of ownership at network inception and throughout the life of the network.

“ACS shows a great commitment to the advancement of mobile broadband in rural and urban Africa,” said Jonathan Garini, Vice President of Products of Alepo. “We look forward to a continual partnership with ACS to support the latest in 4G technology and beyond.”

About Angola Communication Systems (ACS)

With its headquarters and operations center located in the city of Luanda, ACS is a provider of systems for private networks, dedicated circuits for data transmission and internet solutions via satellite technology (VSAT) systems and via wireless (broadband). Through very close relationships and agreements with operators at national and international levels, ACS is able to provide links to any part of Angola. ACS invests much of its resources to update technology and equipment to ensure that it continues to provide its services with the best possible quality. This is also achieved by the dedicated staff and includes a selection of highly experienced engineers and technicians.

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Alepo Partners with Dimension Data to Launch 4G Services in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe service provider, Utande, calls on industry experts Alepo and Dimension Data to deploy 4G data services over WiMAX, Wi-Fi and high-speed Metro Ethernet.

November 3, 2011, Austin, TX — Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today a partnership with one of the industry’s foremost system integrators, Dimension Data, to rollout 4G data services across Zimbabwe for internet service provider Utande.

Together, Alepo and Dimension Data will build upon Utande’s existing network to create a convergent network environment, enabling the delivery of 4G services over WiMAX, Wi-Fi and high-speed Metro Ethernet. The project marks the first collaboration between the two veteran telecommunications vendors.

“We are very pleased to partner with Alepo to launch 4G services at Utande,” said Calvin Menyennett, Chief Technology Officer at Dimension Data. “Alepo’s proven core network solutions and industry experience are true assets to this project.”

Alepo will implement its convergent online charging & billing platform, Service Enabler, as well as its 16e AAA Server for real-time policy & subscriber management. Alepo’s Subscriber Portal will enable customers to register for services and manage their accounts online, independently.

Alepo will also provide a carrier-grade Wi-Fi Hotspot Management solution, which will allow Utande to easily expand a Wi-Fi hotspot network through partners and resellers. Alepo’s open and endlessly scalable solutions will enable Utande to readily support the growing needs of Zimbabwe’s residential and business consumers.

“The collaborative effort by Alepo and Dimension Data to deploy 4G services will afford Utande the competitive edge to be positioned as Zimbabwe’s premier internet service provider,” stated Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products.

About Utande

Utande, a division of Dandemutande Investments (Pvt) Ltd, has been delivering top quality Internet and connectivity services to the Zimbabwean market place since 1997. Utande offers a broad range of individual, small business and corporate Internet solutions with high-speed bandwidth delivered via fiber and wireless last-mile solutions. Utande is renowned within the telecommunications industry for its innovation and commitment to advancing technology in Africa.

About Dimension Data

Founded in 1983, Dimension Data plc is an ICT services and solutions provider that uses its technology expertise, global service delivery capability, and entrepreneurial spirit to accelerate the business ambitions of its clients. Dimension Data is a member of the NTT Group.

About Alepo

Orange-GETESA, Planet Online Laos Upgrade to Alepo Service Enabler 7.2

Longstanding Alepo clients Orange-GETESA and Planet Online recently upgraded to Alepo Service Enabler v7.2 to support their expanding data services, including WiMAX, Wi-Fi Hotspots, ADSL and Dial Up.

April 26, 2011, Austin, TX – Alepo Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today the decisions of longstanding clients Orange-GETESA and Planet Online to upgrade to Alepo Service Enabler 7.2 and deploy additional Alepo solutions in order to support their growing businesses. The wins underscore the lasting partnerships between Alepo and these leading service providers.

Planet Online

After having deployed Alepo’s solutions for wireline data services over three years ago, Laos service provider Planet Online has again selected Alepo to provide a complete back office solution for its burgeoning WiMAX network, including Alepo’s convergent charging & billing platform and high-performing 16e AAA Server. The comprehensive solution will enable Planet Online to design flexible business plans and support multiple access technologies on a single platform.

“Alepo’s solutions have been instrumental to the evolution of our broadband networks and business requirements,” stated Dr. Robert Winch, Planet Online Chairman. “Alepo’s position as an innovative market leader continually reassures us of our investment.”

In addition to upgrading to Service Enabler 7.2, Alepo will implement policy management tools for WiMAX, including Alepo’s 16e AAA Server, hotlining features and IP Address Management. The BSS platform will also include a voucher management system, subscriber portals and trouble ticketing.


A subsidiary of France Telecom, Getesa is Equatorial Guinea’s leading service provider, offering mobile and internet services. Getesa recently sought out Alepo to upgrade to Service Enabler 7.2 to provide support for prepaid and postpaid DSL services, Wi-Fi and Dial-Up. Alepo will also integrate with existing legacy systems and provide voucher management and Wi-Fi hotspot management systems

In partnering with Alepo, both operators are assured of proven and scalable solutions that will enable them to respond quickly to changing market trends and expand their businesses without costly or risky replacements. Both operators will receive dedicated on-site training & support during the deployment, and continual 24/7 off-site support thereafter.

“At Alepo, we take great pride in fostering enduring relationships with clients like Orange-GETESA and Planet Online, not only by offering the latest, innovative technologies that enable operators to evolve quickly, but also by providing continual support and direct communication before, during and after the deployment of our solutions,” stated Brandon Johnson, Alepo Director of Operations.

About Planet Online

Planet Online Laos has been providing IT services in Lao PDR since 1996, today offering ADSL, Wi-Fi Hotspot services and WiMAX broadband services. The entrepreneurial characteristics of the founder members and its subsequent Directors have steered the company to become a serious player in the Laos IP services market. PLANET prides itself in maintaining a reputation of technical excellence, combined with high reliability and fast, easy Internet access.

About Getesa, Orange Equatorial Guinea

Getesa, Equatorial Guinea’s incumbent operator, is 40%-owned by France Telecom and 60%-owned by the State. It is active on the mobile and Internet markets.

At the end of 2009, GETESA’s mobile market had 334,000 active customers, up by more than 20% compared with 2008. Orange-GETESA has a direct distribution network of 815 retailers. New offers are set to be launched in 2011, with the introduction of GPRS and the development of SMS-related services.

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Safaricom Partners with Alepo to Bring 4G Services to Kenya

Safaricom, East Africa’s largest mobile carrier, selected Alepo Technologies, Inc. to provide an integrated BSS/OSS solution for WiMAX and Wi-Fi, including Alepo’s award-winning 16e AAA Server and DHCP Server. The robust solution will allow Safaricom to extend more finely grained service offerings to customers while maintaining high network security and optimizing resources.

February 12, 2011, Austin, TX – Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today its partnership with East Africa’s leading integrated communications firm, Safaricom, to support its growing WiMAX network with enhanced policy control, QoS granularity, and IP address management.

Safaricom has selected Alepo to implement its award-winning 16e AAA server and DHCP server as part of its nationwide WiMAX network.

“A high-performing AAA server is a fundamental element of any mobile WiMAX solution, enabling advanced policy control as well as secure authentication and provisioning of subscribers to the network,” stated Jonathan Garini, Alepo Vice President of Products. “Alepo’s standards-based AAA server, with successful deployments worldwide, assures Safaricom of a proven, feature-rich solution.”

For advanced IP address management, including support for IPv4 and IPv6, Safaricom will deploy Alepo’s DHCP Server. The server automatically provisions IP addresses to CPEs, either dynamically or statically for services requiring static IPs. The ability to segment and allocate IP addresses via IP pools prompts greater resource optimization.

“The implementation of Alepo’s core network elements will afford Safaricom greater control over network policy, security and resource allocation, while achieving more flexibility in designing WiMAX and Wi-Fi service offerings for our customers, residential and commercial,” stated Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore.

In addition, Alepo will provide integration with Safaricom’s existing CRM system, allowing the incumbent mobile operator to provision and manage both WiMAX and GSM subscriber accounts from one centralized and familiar CRM interface, thus reducing operational and training expenses.

“Alepo’s AAA server and DHCP server are fundamental components of Alepo’s comprehensive suite of 4G products and solutions,” stated Garini. “We are pleased to bring these solutions to Safaricom so it may remain a fierce, competitive leader in the region.”

About Safaricom

Safaricom offers total communications solutions to a growing clientele in Kenya. With a subscriber base of over 17 million, Safaricom provides a comprehensive range of services under one roof: mobile and fixed voice and data services on a variety of platforms: Kenya’s widest and only 3G network; a growing fiber optic cable footprint and its most expansive WIMAX presence. Safaricom also pioneered commercial mobile money transfer globally through M-PESA, the most successful such service anywhere in the world.

About Alepo

Alepo is a leading provider of IT and network infrastructure software solutions for communications service providers worldwide. Alepo works closely with market leaders including Vodafone, MTN, France Telecom, and Digicel, empowering them to compete aggressively and realize data opportunities across technologies and generations. Alepo is proud to support innovative market leaders as they evolve in the telecommunications marketplace.

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Vodafone Partners with Alepo to Bring Triple-Play Services to Pearl-Qatar

Vodafone Qatar recently selected Alepo to provide a comprehensive billing & customer care solution for fixed voice, video and data over high-speed broadband in Qatar.

February 11, 2011, Austin, TX – Alepo, a leading provider of control plane & business management solutions for next generation services, announced today its partnership with Vodafone Qatar to bring triple-play services over IP, including fixed voice and data, to the manmade luxury island of The Pearl Qatar.

In deploying the Alepo Service Enabler, a comprehensive billing & customer care solution for next generation networks, Vodafone Qatar will achieve a centralized location to provision and manage all subscribers and services. The solution includes a real-time rating & charging system, allowing the service provider to design flexible business plans from an intuitive, point-and-click interface while ensuring zero leakage of revenue.

In addition, Alepo will provide a web-based subscriber portal for online customer self care, including purchasing services, paying invoices and topping up accounts. Alepo will also provide integration with other network elements and external payment gateways.

“In selecting a back office solution to support multi-play services, Alepo emerged as an obvious frontrunner, offering a robust product as well as the expertise required to fulfill our business needs,” stated Jenny Howe, Director of Technology, Vodafone Qatar.

“Vodafone shows unparalleled commitment to becoming Qatar’s premier service provider, not only in terms of revenue, but also in the eyes of its customers,” stated John Kim, Alepo Vice President of Business Development. “We are excited to work with Vodafone and assist the organization in realizing its mission by providing a tenacious billing & customer care solution.”

About Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C.

Vodafone Qatar Q.S.C. (“Vodafone Qatar”) is the holder of the Second Public Mobile and Fixed Telecommunications Networks and Services License in the State of Qatar.

Vodafone Qatar’s purpose is to “Make a World of Difference for All People in Qatar” by aiming to become “the most admired brand in Qatar.”

Please visit for more details.

About Alepo

Alepo is a leading provider of IT and network infrastructure software solutions for communications service providers worldwide. Alepo works closely with market leaders including Vodafone, MTN, France Telecom, and Digicel, empowering them to compete aggressively and realize data opportunities across technologies and generations. Alepo is proud to support innovative market leaders as they evolve in the telecommunications marketplace.

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