Digicel unified network across the Caribbean with migration to Alepo Broadband AAA in the cloud

Case Study Overview

Digicel is a tier-1 communications service provider operating in several island markets across the Caribbean. The operator is at the forefront of delivering world-class mobile, fiber broadband, and ICT services to consumers, enterprises, and government clients.

With growing demand for high-quality fiber broadband services, Digicel wanted to ensure its FTTx network across multiple Caribbean markets could keep pace. Digicel decided to migrate to Alepo’s converged AAA to implement a centralized platform for all markets.

This case study details how migration to Alepo’s broadband AAA in the cloud helped Digicel achieve a 4X reduction in recurring costs.

Key Takeaways

Get an overview of the project background
Digicel wanted to modernize its infrastructure and streamline management of its multiple separate AAAs by implementing a centralized cloud-based platform.

Understand the operator’s requirements
Digicel wanted Alepo to deploy a unified Broadband AAA platform for all Caribbean markets to boost network performance and scalability. The operator needed to go live in a month so it could swiftly respond to market opportunities.

Discover the highlights of Alepo’s solution and migration process
Alepo deployed its industry-leading Broadband AAA that eliminated Digicel’s physical constraints to grow. It introduced automation to reduce manual intervention and bolster security. The robust platform ensures high availability and quick service restoration and recovery.

Know what business use cases it enabled
Alepo’s platform enabled session management, subscriber profile management, multi-country subscriber authentication, and more.

Gain insight into the project outcomes
The seamless migration of Digicel’s services across 13 markets to the centralized system with zero downtime or disruptions. Digicel increased scalability, reduced OPEX, improved revenue, and more.

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