Alepo to deploy a high-performance AAA infrastructure to support Colombian communications service provider, Emcali’s triple-play broadband services across multiple fixed and mobile broadband networks.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015, Austin, TX – Alepo, a leading provider of network and IT software solutions for communications service providers, announced today that Colombian telecommunications service provider, Emcali, has selected Alepo to modernize its AAA infrastructure across its multiple fixed and mobile broadband networks. The transition to a more streamlined, high-performance network environment will enable Emcali to drastically enhance its service offerings and customer experience.

With Alepo’s carrier-grade AAA Infrastructure, Emcali will be able to bring new triple-play services and revenue opportunities to market faster without adding network complexity. The platform offers multi-access network support, which will enable Emcali to use a single AAA infrastructure for its WiMAX, Wi-Fi, xDSL, GPON, and mobile 3G UMTS networks, reducing OPEX and total cost of ownership. What’s more, the scalable solution is built to support rapid subscriber growth without sacrificing speed or efficiency of service delivery. Alepo will also provide standards-based integration with many third-party systems and legacy CRM platforms. In addition to AAA, Alepo will deploy its “PCRF Lite” to perform advanced, real-time policy control within the fixed broadband network environments. “As subscriber numbers grow and technologies change, we are seeing a surge of fixed and mobile communications service providers that are limited by underperforming or non-scalable AAA platforms,” said Dan Stern, Alepo VP of Sales.

“At Alepo, we combine the power of an industry-leading AAA solution with 20+ years of proven experience and strategic partnerships with SI experts to truly transform service providers’ AAA infrastructure in ways that meet and exceed today’s network demands and drive up growth and revenue.”

About Emcali Empresas Municipales de Cali, or Emcali, is a state-owned company that provides telecommunications and utility services to the citizens of Cali, Colombia. The mission of Emcali is to contribute to the welfare and development of the community by providing essential and complementary public services, with a commitment to the environment and to economic and social profitability.

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